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Adam Lambert Offers Advice For Phillip & Jessica, Coyly Hints at ‘Idol’ Finale Prediction
Season 8 "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert fabulously performed his new Trespassing single "Never Close Our Eyes," resplendent in green neon and silver sharkskin, on "Idol's" top three results show this week--the same show on which one of his favorite Season 11 contestants, Jessica Sanchez, made it to the final two, but another one of his faves, Joshua Ledet, did not. When asked how he felt about this outcome (he'd recently controversially tweeted that he thought Jessica and Joshua "wiped the floor" with the other contestants), Adam revealed that he'd undergone a bit of a change of heart regarding Phillip Phillips.
"I think Phillip has something too. In the last couple weeks, he's really proven himself," said Adam. "I was on the fence earlier, but there have been a few performances of his that have been so sophisticated lately, and just so nuanced and tender, and that takes a lot of skill...I wouldn't have been as diplomatic two or three weeks ago, but at this point, I think they've all earned their spot."
When asked to give advice for both Jessica and Phillip going into next week's finale--a position Adam was in literally exactly three years ago--Adam offered: "You've got to tune out all the outside cooks in the kitchen, because there's a lot of pressure coming from every angle. When you get to the finale, tune out a little bit, and focus on what you love about music, why you're here, why you like singing, and what you've always done."
And what about his prediction for next week's finale? Does Adam think Jessica can win? Adam played coy with his read-between-the-lines answer, replying: "It depends on what kind of music you listen to, musical genres...Although, what's the type of genre that always wins every year? I'm not going to say it, but I'm asking the rhetorical question. Like, what usually wins? So..."
Moving on to the subject of his own musical genres, Adam conceded that his sophomore album, Trespassing, is a bit of a stylistic departure from the more straightahead rock he performed during his own "Idol" run, but he pointed out: "It's definitely a little more, like, funk-disco, but there are rock elements on the album. If people aren't hearing that, then they gotta get their ears checked, 'cause it's there! The chorus of 'Cuckoo' is like hair-metal down. 'Trespassing' has a lot of rock energy on it; 'Runnin'' has rock energy.  I think genre gets really emphasized sometimes, and that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. If you like the song, you like the song!"
Trespassing came out this week, and I personally like (make that love) every song on it. Listen to it here. Adam Lambert Offers Advice For Phillip & Jessica, Coyly Hints at ‘Idol’ Finale Prediction

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