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Adam Lambert Talks to Pop on the Pop, Says 'Writing Trespassing Felt Scary!'
Adam Lambert is one of the most talented singers to ever compete on American Idol, but his talent is only one of the reasons why his passionate fans love him. Adam, a San Diego native, hasn't "gone Hollywood." He's open, honest, makes himself accessible to fans, and he remains gracious and kind. Lambert is touring with Queen this summer and his new album, Trespassing, debuted in the no.1 slot on iTunes, but he still remains so down to earth.
I took a photo with Adam outside of American Idol yesterday and he was the cutest! Me being 5'4 and Adam being around 6'3 (with the platform heels he was wearing), he squatted down a bit so that he wouldn't tower over me in my photo. I was wearing heels so I wasn't that short to begin with, but that's Adam for you! Most celebs quickly pose, don't make any eye contact and go on with their business, but not The Glam One! Glamberts should be happy to know that Adam's thoughtful.
Luckily, like most of my celebrity encounters, Adam did not disappoint. I was unable to get to many of my questions, but I was pleased with my interview and I hope you will be too. * Sidenote, Adam was walking out of the room when he walked over to the food table. He almost grabbed a can of soda but opted for a bottle of water and he took one cracker. He really is watching what he eats these days! 
When you describe Trespassing it sounds sort of therapeutic. Was it therapeutic for you to make the album? 
Definitely! I mean I think the upbeat, kind of rebellious dance tracks are very much an extension of my viewpoint on life, the way I like to live my life freely and proudly. Hopefully it inspires people to do the same. And then the second half of the album definitely is a bit more revealing. I think it's the most personal I've gotten as a songwriter in my career, so it felt really... it felt a little scary but I think that the result is something that people can feel. I hope they're feeling that, ya know?
When the album was pushed back a few times were you ever worried about sales or did you trust that Glamnation would be there for you?
No. The reason why it got pushed back is because it had to be right! Sales are in the back of your head when you're trying to create a good piece of art, that's the most important thing. I thought, my fans have been so supportive and loyal. At this point I really need to make sure that the album is everything that they would expect it to be and everything I'd expect it to be! I've set the bar pretty high for myself and I'm kind of hard on myself, so if it wasn't perfect I would have been, like, kickin' myself as it came out. But now I feel like it's perfect.
What was it like to be back at the American Idol stage?
It felt amazing! It's always like coming home. The crew, many of them are the same people I worked with when I was on the show so it's like 'Hey, how are you? How have you been?' It feels very comfortable.
You look like you're in amazing shape, what have you been doing?
Thanks! You know, just being a little bit smarter with the junk food, skipping that ice cream that I love so much! I miss cheese. I really like cheese and I haven't been eating so much cheese.
Can you talk about the mood you were in when you recorded Trespassing?
I wanted to write about what inspired me to become an artist, even before American Idol. I got a lot of ideas from being out and about in Hollywood, dressing up and having crazy nights out. That's what I really wanted to sing about.
The album debuted at no.1 on iTunes. How much does success mean to you? Do you need that, or do you value the reaction from your fans more?
I don't think it's success itself that I'm looking for, but the nice thing about success is that it opens up the door for further opportunities. When you have success you have more power, you have more budgets, you have more opportunities to perform on TV, you can get your music out to more people in a broader way. Success is a nice thing to have, but ultimately I'm more validated and rewarded by the fans than critical comments. I've worked so hard. I feel like if people love it, I've done something right.
What about the San Diego native. Are you rooting for Jessica Sanchez?
I love Jessica, she gives me goosebumps. I think Phillip's amazing too. I'm not being diplomatic; I think they're both going to do really well.
What's your favorite thing to wear when you perform. What's your favorite accessory?
I'm a jacket guy. I love jackets. I always have to have a new jacket.
Do you have a video concept for the song you performed tonight?
The video is in the can. It is close to completion. I got involved on the creative side of things. What I can say without giving too much away is it's a little sci-fi and it definitely takes the lyrics and doesn't necessarily interpret them in a literal way.
You have different colored hair right now. How do you choose the colors?
My hairdresser and I, we have a lot of fun. We get bored very easily, so it's like 'What are we doing now?' We want it to look like sunrise [laughs]. Dusk.
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