IS tutka aloittaa!

Ilta-Sanomien suosittua Tutka Roadshow'ta Yhdysvalloissa kuvanneet Sauli Koskinen ja Katri Utula palaavat jälleen ruutuun - tällä kertaa Video-Tutkan muodossa.

Sauli kertoo ensimmäisessä jaksossa aivan uunituoreet kuulumiset Hollywoodista: Beyonce ilmoitti olevansa raskaana, ja Sauli tietenkin herkistyi uutisesta.

Katri puolestaan pohtii, millaisia henkilövalintoja nähdään Tanssii tähtien kanssa - ja Big Brother -ohjelmissa. Valinnat julkaistaan huomenna!

Katri ja Sauli palaavat ruutuun viikottain, ja voit lähettää heille terveisiä ja toivomuksia käsiteltävistä aiheista IS-Tutkan Facebook-sivuille, Twitteriin ja Katrin Kyttääjä-blogiin.

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Katri Utula

Video-Tutka aloittaa: Sauli kertoo tuoreet kuulumiset Hollywoodista!

Pätkä Adamin haastattelusta MTV'n Playgroundissa

Twitter party

AdamLambert: 'Ladies and Gentlemen: the new album is sounding amaaaazing! I promise it's worth the wait!!'

jmezzabarbara: 'does it sound like jewel or more like
Joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat?'
adamlambert: 'haha neither, dork'

ciscoboofenty: 'When is the first single out boo? I thought you said end of summer? Can we expect it soon? I CAN'T WAIT.'

adamlambert: 'not yet... Prob about 8 weeks'

Glamnurse4Adam: 'So how many songs
are you going to have on there?'
adamlambert: '12 songs, and a
deluxe version w more.'

Virgo_An02ge: 'Can't wait to hear it, I'm sure it will be fantastic! You must be having an amazing time making it!!'

adamlambert: 'I have had the most amazing time working on it! I've learned so much about writing and about myself! Been obsessing for 5 mo.'

Lidbud: 'Can we hava a hint as to the release date???'

adamlambert: 'release date is not yet set... It has to be perfect for all of you, so I'm taking
my time. :)'

lvic_lfthand: 'are you only tweeting now cuz you're finally back to real food? Worried your crankiness might've shown on twitter? Lol'

adamlambert: 'haha the cleanse was not so bad after the first day. :) I want to try it longer next time.'

onichuiam: 'adam adam adam adaaam!!is it true the album is coming out on 4th of november or just a rumour??'

adamlambert: 'rumor'
adamlambert: 'but I hope to have a single out by then. :)'

glamluver: 'Can you share another lyric with us? Please? :D'

adamlambert: 'one day I was trippin, that's when I could see, that the ether that I tapped into could be reality'

adommy: 'is there a song about Tommy? Sorry had to ask :)' (OH NO you didn't!)

adamlambert: 'haha omg let it go already!! Always been FRIENDS.'


adamlambert: 'no rapping. Not one o my skills.'

Misty_Glambert: 'What's one word to describe the last song you worked on? :)'

adamlambert: 'major'

saraplusadam: 'title for the second album, by chance? or a hint? so we can call it by it's name rather than 2nd album or sophmore album?'

adamlambert: 'patience my friend!'

malysam: 'U're Master Lurkbert rn, aren't u? Hey, if we're only getting a new single in 8 wks, then don't be a stranger on twitter, k? :)'

adamlambert: 'I'm working hard!! Hah'

ccitygirl36: 'wanna be rapper RT @peacefrogdesign: Lies, if you don't rap then what are the hammer pants for hmmmm?'

adamlambert: 'HAREM not HAMMER. LOL'

cwm122: ' So excited for your new music!! Have you done the
album cover photo shoot yet?'
adamlambert: ' not yet...'

MJHardyBritt: 'So are we still 'glamberts' or are we 'adam's outlaws now? we're a pretty powerful group of fans...outlaws works ha! ;)'

adamlambert: 'mmmnmm OUTLAWS OF LAMBERT has a a
nice ring to it. Lol'

AlexAesthetic: 'If you could describe the new album in 3 words, what would they be? :)'

adamlambert: 'personal, modern, next.'

GrayBooWho: 'Whatever happened to those hold
YSL boots you wanted?'
adamlambert: 'hHa oh I got a few pair!! :)'

elysenzglambert: 'what are the themes of the album?'

adamlambert: 'the album
deals with the highs and the lows and the ins and the outs of my real life.'

AmyLambert100: 'so would you say this album is overall more personal to you?'
adamlambert: 'yup'

Dana80Bz: 'you have a fake life?'
adamlambert: 'haha that not what I meant... The album will let you all in further than ever. Real shit. Real life. Not all the glossy facade...' + 'But part of my life is crazy, insane fun. Part of it can get dark. There are songs about both. :)'

xllHY4lyfx: 'Do you like the True Blood theme song?'
adamlambert: 'haha yes! I always song along real silly for Sauli and he thinks it's funny.' 

Uusi kuva Adamista, Saulista ja Terrancesta Brooken häissä

Alex Forriolsin cover Soakedista

Alex on myös tehnyt coverin If I Had Yousta.

Alex esiintyi helmikuussa Espanjalaisessa Idolsissa kappaleella Fever.

MTV'n 6 parasta kuvaa Do Something gaalasta

If you don't print out this photo of Adam Lambert giving someone the side-eye (e__e) on the red carpet and make your own magnet out of it, then I guess we're not on the same creative level. But guys, this side-eye. SO GOOD.
The 6 Best Photos From VH1's 'Do Something Awards'