Sauli puhuu Adamista, paparazzeista, faneista ja elämästä Los Angelesissa

Tässä on Saulin haastattelu englanniksi. En ole löytänyt vielä alkuperäistä haastattelua ja flunssassa en jaksa nyt ruveta haastattelua kääntämään.

Osa 1

(First some pleasantries between Kimmo, the host, and Sauli)
K: How does it feel to be here up North?
S: It's quite nice to come back here, but I do feel like there hasn't been more than five hours of sleep in the last three days.
K: You can't tell that by the look of you though, Sauli looks very fresh and-
S: (laughs) very fresh..
K: -fresh and happy as always, but you haven't slept at all because of terrible jetlag and I guess you've had a bit long nights as well.
S: Yeah, it's not so bad when you go to the US, but when you come back it's very disorienting, it mixes up your sleep pattern.
K: This is your third day in Finland and you've slept maybe six hours.
S: Yeah, let's say that my friends welcomed me back very well, we were partying a bit in the Helsinki night, for two days.
K: How did they welcome you? How did it feel to see them, I imagine they had a million questions for you.
S: Well there were a million questions but the welcome was.. very wet (ie. involved alcohol tongue.gif ). We had a big house party.
K: Of course, you don't really like alcohol.
S: No, not at all.
K: You just had no choice.
S: No, there was no choice, I had to drink.
K: You are apparently planning to stay in Finland for a few weeks?
S: I don't know the specific time when I'm going back, but I am going back, right now I think I'll be in Finland for about three, four weeks.
K: Is your stay going to continue with this happy partying?
S: No it won't, I will be working as well, I'll probably be working at my father's since he needs some help, in fact tonight I'll be going to Hyvinkää to have a bit of a rest. It's a bit rough here in Helsinki with so much to do.
K: Working for your dad.
S: Yes, I'm going to sort out my dad's yard in Hyvinkää, I am going gardening.
K: That is cool, dude comes from-
S: Straight from the red carpet into gardening.
K: I can already see the headlines, what does a person who hasn't let things go to his head do. I think quite many would have told their dad no, I'm not going to come work on your yard. Is it, is it like therapy for you?
S: For me it's, I like it and you get to be outside, and the forecast was for good weather next week, so. And I have a dog to keep me company, what could be better than that.
K: How has your family reacted to your comings and goings in America?
S: They've taken it positively, of course they too have taken some things with wonder, but positively.
K: Have they been worried?
S: They haven't been worried at all, you don't need to worry about me.

K: Have you heard any news from Finland? Finland won the ice hockey world championship...
S: I did open a bottle of bubbly then while I was in LA, again, I'm not much into drinking really..
K: It was just a round on you for all your friends.
S: Yeah.

(Talking about the Finnish parliamentary election and the True Finns - Boo! - for a bit)

S: I have been mostly in the dark about Finnish news.
K: Is it so that- when you spend a long time in Finland. You live almost in Hyvinkää, in the north of Helsinki, and when you come to the Center of Helsinki, for a time you may think that now you're in the center of the world, where everything happens. (...) And then you go somewhere like New York, and look at Finland, what does it look like?
S: Well of course it looks very small, I mean, compared to the US.
K: And if you think of a place like Jenny Woo, which is a restaurant in the center of Helsinki, suddenly it isn't a jet set spot anymore.
S: No, but it still is super.
K: Btw, what kinds of restaurants, clubs are there (in the US)?
S: All kinds, big night clubs and all, but I prefer places, say the size of Jenny Woo, a bit smaller with more atmosphere. But the bar culture is different there, they close at 2am.
K: What do you do after that?
S: After that there's either an afterparty, which isn't usually for me at all, but some people do...(obvious irony there but somewhat lost in translation) but usually, over there you first go out to eat, then you're back home around 1, 1.30. If you then go to bed you don't have a bad hangover in the morning. Because in Finland we party until four like crazy, and then sleep for a few hours and feel terrible in the morning.
K: What time do people there usually go to the main place for the night then?
S: I'd say around ten. It varies, and me, I've been there for some time but it's been pretty much the same for me as it is in Finland, during the week I exercise and go jogging, the partying is usually for Saturdays, or if I want to go out somewhere. Sure they would have a party for every day, something's going on all the time, but there, too, it's nicer to go out for concerts, plays and performances... I've been to the movies quite a lot, to see all the new films.
K: So you don't spend a lot of time at home there?
S: Well yeah, I've gone out, but now that I was there for a bit longer I am trying to get a normal life for myself, it's not all party. And people here are also saying now that Sauli's life is a party after party, standing on red carpets and living on someone else's money and so on, which is all wrong, I work and earn my own money and I'm not living such a glamour life. I have boring days there too. When I lived in Helsinki- I don't have an apartment here anymore, but when I did, I enjoyed being home alone as well, but if I'm alone there, I'm like all alone, 'cause I don't really have friends there yet. It just takes some time to build up relationships around you.
K: And then again, when you look at the last two days, it's not always boring in Helsinki either.
S: Definitely not!
K: Even if Sauli was in Albania, Sauli would never be bored.
S: Sauli always comes up with something
(Ee cute laugh stuart.gif )

Osa 2

K: ... and we have our American correspondent Sauli Koskinen here.
S: (laughs) I love this 'American correspondent'.
K: We asked fans what we should call your segment on the show and many of them suggested Sauli the Sunshine. I'm trying to build up a serious reporter caricature image here. And you can tell us things that for us are still in the future.
S: Absolutely, I can tell the future.
K: Ah, this explains your high pay check.
S: (guffawing) Indeed.
K: You will soon tell us how the Finnish parliament will be assembled.. but now, the American Idol finale. That you attended with Adam.
S: Mm...
K: What kind of a party was that?
S: Well obviously it was unbelievable, the biggest party I've ever been in, or the best, that kind of show.
K: Lady Gaga, Beyonce..
S: Them, us, yeah.. (it was a joke in Finnish I don't know how to translate)
K: Jennifer Lopez was a back up dancer for her husband.
S: Mm, I went and shook hands with her too, J.Lo.
K: Very pretty.
S: Yes. Pretty as a baseball cap.
K: You can tell on the tv thy've spent a fortune on the show.
S: Yeah, just think of who they have as performers, Bono from U2 was there, and Tom Jones, Beyonce sang two songs, one song with the female finalists. They sang a medley of Beyonce songs and she joined them at the end. It was awesome.
K: What happens there on commercial breaks?
S: But it was unbelievable when we arrived- first, when I arrived at the American Idol place and then we agreed, oh okay, I'll come on the red carpet as well, first I thought is there a backdoor or something that I could use to sneak in, I was about to panic seeing the amount of cameras. But then, you just put your poker face on and go... I guess everyone's seen the photos of it.. mm.. but it was a shocking situation, and then we were late going in. We had to walk through the whole floor, and then there's a huge spot of light... and you know who I'm there with, so people started shouting a bit and I was wearing new boots and I was thinking, now I'm going to die, Sauli don't trip, don't fall down.. when we got to our seats I was all sweaty but, then the show started.
K: Now, I hope everyone listened carefully to you just now because so many have thought you are already at home there and that the spotlights are normal for you-
S: Nooo...
K: - standing on the red carpet. So at the time you wished you were in Hyvinkää, gardening instead?
S: Well not quite, I mean, mentally it's quite distressing, that kind of a mass of people suddenly staring at you, and I do have some panic disorder-like symptoms, so. Yeah.
K: About the show, I'm interested in, how in America they have commercials all the time.
S: Mm-hmm.
K: And when they show it in Finland they jump over most of the breaks, and it seems like the show is on and off a lot. So what happens on the breaks?
S: People talk to each other, move around, the judges for example go talk to their acquaintances, and then there are many artists present, there were a lot of famous people present in the finale, and they chat with one another, and they announce how much time till the break ends, they count down from 40 seconds during which everyone has to take their seat again. During one break, I went to a back room that had food, I was very hungry, and I didn't get back, I had to wait for the next commercial break so I was stuck there.. the cake tasted so good (laughs)
K: So you enjoyed the food.
S: Yes, and then people were asking were did you disappear to, just the empty seat there, so I say I got stuck there.
K: So it's a buffet of some kind, at the same time you go get some carrot cake, someone like... Puff Daddy appears and asks are you taking this too?
S: Well, yeah... I was chatting with one of the dancers of Pussycat Dolls. And eating cake.
K: Well that's great. Now in Finland you can't complain about your life, I mean listening to your stories it feels like you can't ever complain about anything again. Getting to eat carrot cake in the American Idol VIP lounge.
S: Yeah, well, I don't know. But is it really so great? Of course it's nice to talk about. But you look at it and realize, we're all people, we're all living our lives. I can't really boast about it.
K: And it it started with you being drenched with sweat on the red carpet, being anxious. And probably scared of going to get that carrot cake, if someone like Robert De Niro shows up and wants to talk.
S: In fact I didn't know who I was talking to, this beautiful girl, until I was told who she was.
K: You haven't chosen your life, that's where you've ended up in, next to the carrot cake and that's it.
S: Yeah, but I believe in fate and I believe that this is just my fate, that this has happened, first, that I have met this person I'm with, it is after all quite a twist of fate we've met in Jenny Woo.
K: Why do you still avoid saying this person's name?
S: (said at the same time) Saying this person's name? Well, I can say it, but this is what I- I just don't much like talking about us. Or my life with him (laugh) I'm avoiding it again! Yeah, I can talk about Adam, but-
K: Of course, and I respect that and uh, we all respect that, but I just feel a little like it's not your own choice, but you've noticed that every time you speak-
S: Mmm.
K: - someone has some crap to respond with. That you ride on his fame or something else.
S: Mm, yes.
K: That it came from the frustration with that.
S: Maybe, and I haven't really liked to talk about my life like that, or any relationship situation, I'm not going to give any interview about that to anyone. And it's- we all have our private life. And I opened up my private life in 2007 in BB and everyone knew about it, so I don't want to do it again.
K: Mm. About Jenny Woo, where you met this person, Adam-
S: Adam (you can hear the smile in his voice)
K: met Adam, did it happen so that when you went to Jenny Woo that night, which was normal routine for you, you didn't even know, or if you did it wasn't the reason you went to Jenny Woo, that Adam was there.
S: No, I didn't even know he was in Finland. I wasn't in the concert or anything. You know, I was home alone, drinking red wine - I have to add again that I don't usually like to drink red wine (this and all these alcohol and party references should be taken as humorous sarcasm, obvious from the tone of both of them) - and listening to Finnish hits, thinking will I go out tonight, I'm not sure. Then my friends called me and got me to go, and then I went to Jenny Woo and there, met Adam, a real coincidence. And he came and tapped my shoulder, I didn't go in the middle of all those people surrounding him.
K: You saw all those people and thought okay, that's someone famous, and then later he came and tapped you on the back.
S: Mm.
K: What did he say?
S: uh, we just talked about something..
K: What was the opening line? That's something we often talk about with our listeners, the best and most stylish opening lines.
S: I had taken a few drinks at that point so I don't really remember exactly how it went, I probably just smiled really sweetly.
K: And then you just smiled at each other.
S: And then we just smiled at each other. And still do.
K: Doesn't Jenny Woo still have the kissing booth?
S: ..I don't know of any kissing booth. Is it really there?
K: Well I seem to remember, it's a weird little-
S: Oh, yeah, yeah, there is a- I don't know what it is, is it really a kissing booth?
K: I think it says so on it, or someone told me so.
S: Oh. ok.
K: Dear, I'm soon spilling the beans about my own private life.
S: Oh, you've been kissing there..
K: Oh man... About this new life of yours. There have been loads of questions from our listeners.
S: There have?
K: Yes, about the paparazzi, and I still want to talk about your fans a bit, after this break.

Osa 3

K: We've talked with Sauli a couple times before, but now we have the man here, in person..
S: Live in person!
K: Right here, and somewhat alive.
S: Somewhat alive (laughs)
K: Only half dead.
S: (repeats laughing) only half dead.
K: Yeah, Sauli's welcome party took its toll, his friends have taken good care of him for the last 48 hours.
S: It was a great welcome, yep, it was great.
K: Has it been different and strange that here in Finalnd you don't have paparazzi sneaking behind every single bush? Or have they been sneaking around?
S: I don't know, if they've been in some bushes I haven't noticed them but it doesn't feel strange. I've lived here in Helsinki for several years so when I arrived here now it felt like I was here yesterday. It hasn't changed.
K: And isn't going to.
S: No, Helsinki isn't going to change.
K: Are these tabloid people in America a burden?
S: You mean the paparazzi? Well it's, it's a bit strange, I don't really get it. Say we're eating at a restaurant and walk out to the car. If they want to snap some pictures of that, let them, but I don't really get why. For instance, you go out four times during one week, you're at a parking lot, on the street, and then.. in front of some shops. I mean, they're all similar walking pictures. Take photos if you must. But then again, I think it's at least better since you see the photographers, you can pose and get better photos. In Finland, here it's like, you go out to a restaurant, and other people take pictures with their phones and all. So here you get to see those lovely drunk pictures of yourself, there the photos are a bit more fresh. But it's not that big a deal, if you don't stress over it. If they want their picture let them take their picture.
There is a little bit of stress about.. you think damn, I wore these jeans yesterday, I'll wear something else today so they won't write that he goes around wearing the same jeans every day (g)
K: Someone mentioned- we have a lot of messages for you here, but someone remarked how you have a funny face in many of the photos taken of you, is that a tactic you've chosen, if you want to take a picture of me, I'll make a face.
S: I don't know, I'm just, all normal. I smile or I don't, just depends on my mood.
K: Do you get calls from reporters?
S: My phone number is secret, so no I don't, but I have got some e-mails from reporters.
K: Has the crew around Adam, like the manager or something, given you any rules or something, how you need to behave?
S: No, I haven't been given any advice like that. You get far by using your common sense.
K: That's one of those things, here in Finland people think in the US you have to make a contract of everything, put pen on paper.
S: I know nothing about that. And I don't know what sort of contracts Adam has.
K: And about the fans, your fans are quite exact about what questions it is ok to pose for you and what it isn't.
S: So they're giving out rules here.
K: Yeah, they give us the rules, what we need to ask and so on, and that's great, we've been thanking them for that.
S: Yes, and they're lovely, I've been reading feedback and people are wonderful. And as we were making the Tutka Roadshow with Katri, I've read all the comments for that too, it's just great.
K: Are you going to continue Tutka? That's one of the most common questions we've got.
S: We would love to continue, since Katri is still in the US as well. Uh, we'll try, but we don't know, I'll probably go and have talks about it here. I don't know but I would really like to do more of it because we have lots of fun with Katri making it, and I already miss her terribly.
K: More on the fans, today it was on the news that Justin Bieber, who is dating Selena Gomez, he's 17 and this Selena is 18. And there was a fan who wrote something like you paedophile, leave Justin alone. You will suffer a slow and painful death and-
S: Herranjestas... (Pfff, for the love of...)
K: And Justin Bieber's fans have some Facebook or Twitter group called (...) I hate Selena Gomez because she is dating my guy.
S: ... okay.
K: And it has 2000 members, and they write stuff like if Selena breaks Justin's heart, I will kill her with no mercy.
S: Oh dear. That's brutal.
K: Yeah, it's teenage girls who for a few years have seen themselves as Justin Bieber's... wife, and now suddenly this Selena appears in Justin's life, and this is what happens. Have you encountered anything like this?
S: No I haven't, no one's threatened to kill me yet (oh bb don't say 'yet'). I do believe there are some people that have a bitter attitude towards me, but there have been no death threats.
K: Has there been anything along those lines though, your motives being questioned by fans, let's say Adam's fans?
S: I've got to say I haven't been reading much of what there's been written of, like us. I'm not on Twitter etc. so I don't know. I'm sure there's been something there, and of course they criticize all of you, your looks and personality.
K: Yeah. Was BB educational in that way?
S: It was a good learning experience, and what's helped me to this point a lot better, that I had an experience like that already in 2007.
K: How do you feel about people who think life after BB will somehow continue the same way, would you say you're the first example of how you end up in Hollywood via BB? (lol silence) Is there any connection?
S: I don't know if BB has any connection, say, where have I been working in Helsinki, like Hesburger, you could also say I've ended up in Hollywood via the cash register at Hesburger.
K: That was good, it sounded just like an ad, soon there will be a call for you from the head of marketing at Hesburger, shall we make an ad about that, from Hesburger to Hollywood, take on a summer job with us.
S: BB doesn't necessarily get you there.

K: Okay, let's take a few listener questions. There are loads of questions here, very many ask what is the greatest, most fun thing there in the US. Is that something you can answer? What have you enjoyed the most?
S: Mm, I guess one of the beaches, Venice Beach or Malibu Beach. Or, let's say Beverly Hills, I mean, when you drive there through LA, set out from say Hollywood and then you're suddenly in this kind of green, perfect area that has, trees cut into perfect squares and children selling juice on the street, you know something over the top that you see in movies. It's as if you've come to a studio or something. It's impressive, and there are amazing houses there.
K: What about the legendary Venice Beach, is it still thriving?
S: Yeah, it's thriving, I think it's a fun place.
K: Then we have... another frequent question, do you see many Finns there?
S: A bit, there are a few that live there that I've met and then by chance I've seen some Finns on the street, when I hear them speak Finnish I immediately go 'morjesta!' You can talk to completely unknown Finns and agree to go for, I won't say beer, let's say for tea.
K: Yeah because you don't use alcohol.
S: Yeah, Herbal tea...
K: So they're people who live there, not tourists.
S: Yeah, they're people I was just lucky to meet on the street.
K: Okay, now, we have so many more questions, let's take... Camilla writes, the following adjectives describe Sauli: positive, happy, sweet, hot-
S: Oho.
K: Yeah, hot is one of the favourite adjectives here. Uhh, 'good luck Sauli, you are awesome'. 'It's unbelievable that our Sauli is there in America', that kind of thing.
S: It's nice to hear how I'm our Sauli for everyone.
K: Indeed. Think of how the hockey lions (the Finnish ice hockey national team is called Leijonat, Lions) feel, working hard for three weeks, and if the tournament goes badly, the lions lost, but they win, we won.
S: That's right (laugh) haven't thought about that before.
K: As long as you're a good guy and do good things you're our Sauli and when you go behave very badly and swap herbal tea for red wine, you're that Sauli.
S: I'm that Sauli, yeah.
K: That Sauli who will probably try to get the American citizenship.
S: Oh that one.
K: Yep, it's tough.
S: A lovely message, Camilla, thank you, there were lovely things in it.
K: We'll put some music on and you can sit here and read all of these messages (...) Thank you very much for coming by, it has been great. Tell your friends to leave you alone, then they can give you a two-day farewell party when you leave.
S: Yes. There were still a couple of friends who tried to get me to go out tonight, but I'll, I'll calm down now.
K: Where, this is the last question so, now that you're in Finland for a few weeks, will there be any public appearances or something that you know for certain you'll do?
S: Not sure, I'll come to some party you guys arrange.
K: Awesome!
S: When was it?
K: On the 12th.
S: I'll be there.
K: Will you? Awesome, I didn't know that.
S: Me and Ellen agreed on it.
K: Great. Ellen is off work today taking care of the grill, making it ready, she was so excited when you said you'll come to our barbecue party.
S: Yeah, when was the party again?
K: The 12th of June. (Radio Aalto arrange an outdoor concert in Helsinki that day)
S: Okay, I'll be there. See, I haven't agreed to go anywhere else.
K: Yeah, That was Sauli Koskinen, our correspondent in America.

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