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Adam järjesti Twitter Partyt jälleen kerran. Alla ovat kysymykset ja vastaukset.


Q: How do you feel about popsicles?
A: I have a deep love and nostalgia for Otter pops. Do they still make those?

Q: Why did you choose that image for your latest tattoo?
A: I just really liked it! Hah. It balances well with the other two I have.

Q: What's your favorite place you've ever had a concert at?
A: I think my best shows last summer were: Nashville, new Orleans, Montreal, San francisco, San Diego, Providence, Boston...

Q: Who is your favorite indie rocker?
A: Matt Bellamy is amazing... But I that indie?

Q: Are you going to buy Gaga's new album?
A: Fuck yes! Her creativity, fashion, bravery and biz sense are inspiring.

Q: Who do you think really deserved to win American idol??
A: In regards to Idol I've said way too much. Media turns non-personal, honest opinions into "feuds".

Q: Who do you think really deserved to win American idol??
A: Like mom taught: "if u don't have anything nice to say- don't say it all" sorry if I hurt any feelings- not my intent.

A: I want to come to brazil!!! Next tour I hope!!!

Q: If you could do a duet with any singer dead or alive who would you choose?
A: Freddie

Q: are u going to the Idol finale?
A: Yup!! I will be there for the results show! So excited!!

Q: Will your album come out in 2011? We are all so excited!!!
A: Album will be out in the fall. So excited! Been making a lot of music and coming up w ideas for art and style. #nextlevel

Q: Love Japan???
A: I adore Japan!! I miss glamajuku!!

Q: Would you ever consider having a concert in Egypt on your next tour maybe?
A: That would be surreal to do a concert at the sphinx. Can u imagine? Wow.

Q: Thank you for being real!! :))
A: Thank you for appreciating it. So Sometimes gets me into trouble. :(

Q: Where did you get those glittery zebra pants you wore last year ?!
A: Had them made. My stylist Trish designed them. :)

Q: r u ever gonna do a collab with Kesha?? I love u guys!!!
A: Would love to. Her and I have so much fun together. One of the most sincere and grounded stars I've met.

Q: Why the 'drastic' change in hairstyle...?was it overdue?
A: Yeah needed a change. Wanted a style that was less 'done'. I can just roll outta bed with this cut.

Q: Did you write. Or co-write any songs on your new album?
A: I've been co-writing on almost EVERYTHING! feels so great to be more involved this time. #luxuryoftime

Q: What do you do on days when you feel insecure to feel better?
A: eat
j/k. Lol

Q: Does your stylist make your outfits everyday? or just special appearances?
A: Only special occasions. Ive been shopping and dressing myself the past few months.

Q: My musical theater class is doing grease tonight...can u wish us luck?! Love you adam!
A: "tell me more tell me more..."

Q: What do you love about ur fans?
A: I love my fans' passion and positive energy

Q: Last show you DVR'd?
A: United states of Tara. Brilliant show.

Q: Didn't ya say in a interview you were excited about GNT in Milan coz you'd never been before? Coz Hair tour went to Milan..
A: I was speaking of the N American shows. Milan, Finland, Paris, Copenhagen, London and Amsterdam were European highlights.

Q: Do you trip a lot?
A: When I'm wearing my medges.

Q: If you could go back in time 100 yrs or ahead in time 100 yrs for one week, which would you choose?
A: prob ahead. It would be more unpredictable.

Q: does sauli inspire you?

Q: can you share a lyric from a song you wrote for the new album?
A: "Now I believe in more than I can see"

Q: Will you ever re-hash your pre-idol songs?
A: Prob not. I want to release music that reflects where I'm currently at in my life

Q: If you had a child who was lying on the floor throwing a tantrum, what would you do?
A: Probably try to reason with the child and make him or her smile.

A: Thank u! So thrilled to be nominated for a Much Music award! I love Canada!!

Q: Did you cry at the Gossip Girl finale?
A: No tears. Lol. But I have to say- Leighton Meester has really given Blair a lot more depth w her great acting.

Q: Do you like spicy food?
A: Love spicy.

Q: What kind of girls do you like?
A: My favorite women are strong, confident and funny women. (gay stereotype)

Q: Favourite male singer of 2011?
A: Bruno Mars is really talented. Beautiful voice and a great writer. I'm a fan. Liquor Store Blues is one of my favorites.

Q: Have you ever struggled with not believing in yourself?
A: Everyday. Constant battle. But I feel like I'm on an upswing. Being in love and creative in the studio feed my soul.

Q: What's the ringtone on your phone right now?
A: a bassnecter track

Q: Soooo ..... nipple rings..... discuss please ;-)
A: Took em out last summer. Not all it's cracked up to be.

Q: Would you ever get your hair cornrowed? haha
A: I did once. Lol. The sides and the top was pompadour. Wore it that way to burning man when my hair was longer and blonde.

Q: Your strongest inspiration right now?
A: How we all are on a personal journey of self discovery and constant evolution. Searching for liberation. Why we do what we

Q: Your strongest inspiration right now?
A: These thoughts are my main fuel for writing my new album.

Q: Do you have an overused word or phrase?
A: GLAM. haha it's getting a little old.

Q: We still cannot believe you found love in a shady bar. Only you, sir. Only you.
A: Jenny Woo ain't shady!!

Q: 3 words to describe the music you've been writing so far?
A: Melodic, honest, and dreamy

Q: If you could go back to any grade in your school days which would it be and why?
A: 7th grade. I was really lonely and awkward. Wish I knew then what I know now.

Q: What's the best thing about being a singer?
A: Being able to communicate a thought or feeling through song.

Q: Did you get bad grades in english as a kid?
A: No. Really bad grades in math though. Lol

Q: Do you like boobs?
A: Boobs are very pretty. :)

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  1. Hahah, repesin vikalle xD

  2. Q: Didn't ya say in a interview you were excited about GNT in Milan coz you'd never been before? Coz Hair tour went to Milan..
    A: I was speaking of the N American shows. Milan, Finland, Paris, Copenhagen, London and Amsterdam were European highlights.

    mistä tässä puhutaan??

  3. Mä en tota kysymystä ymmärtäny itekkään oikein kunnolla, mutta tossa kysytään jotain siihen suuntaan kuin "Etkö sanonutkin haastattelussa olevasi innoissasi Milanon konsertista, koska et ole käynyt siellä ennen?" Tota toista kysymystä en älyä. Ja Adam sit vastaa, että "Puhuin Pohjois-Amerikan konserteista. Milano, Suomi, Pariisi, Kööpenhamina, Lontoo ja Amsterdam olivat Euroopan kohokohtia."

  4. joo mäki mietin tota, tossa "Coz Hair tour went to Milan.." se taitaa sanoa, että "koska Hair-kiertue kävi Milanossa.."

    hahaa ja miksköhän suomi oli yks kohokohta ;) ei tainnu muistaa suomen pääkaupunkia, kun se on ainoo mitä ei mainitse! lool