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VIDEO: Adam Lambert on new song Naked Love

Trespassing is sounding better and better

Adam Lambert was wearing the softest, cuddliest jumper we've ever had the joy of squeezing when we saw him today. Over in the UK for a few days to promote his upcoming album Trespassing, he's doing back-to-back interviews today before performing a showcase in London tomorrow night.

Then it's off to Stockholm before getting just enough time to pop back home for two days until he's off to New York.

"I love New York," Adam told us. "I'm missing my baby though, but I'll get to see him soon."

Adam's baby is boyfriend Sauli Koskinen, who he admits some of the songs on Trespassing are about.
"There's a song called Naked Love that you didn't hear that's really good," he told us.

"It's super fun pop-dance, it's from the writers who did Moves Like Jagger. It's fun, it's really catchy."

Naked Love hey? sounds a bit like a shameless track about sexytimes to us...

"It sounds like that," said Adam, "but it's about wanting the kind of relationship that's no bullshit. Just no frills."

"You don't need all the smoke and just want the real thing. Just honest.
"It's naked as in stripped back. It's really like fun, breezy, rhythmic pop."

After collaborating with Bruno Mars to write an album track, we were keen to know if he had any vocal collaborations coming up - but Adam stayed pretty shady and mysterious about it all.

"Possibly," was all we really got.

"We're working on them. We have a couple of possibilities. If the one I want to happen happens I think everyone's going to be very excited."

Check out the video below;

Sugar Scape: VIDEO: Adam Lambert on new song Naked Love

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