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Adam Lambert Answers Questions from GOSSIPS Readers

The charismatic singer unleashes his larger-than-life presence
American Idol is America's No.1 highest rated singing competition. It turns ordinary people into overnight sensations. In 2009, it was through this programme that Adam Lambert (30) was able to showcase his powerful vocals and charismatic personality, and rise to become the star that both Pink and Lady Gaga would give their songs to. And now, the singer – who came out and has since also become a celebrity with a social influence – is back with a highly anticipated new album! To commemorate this, Adam has exclusively answered questions posed by GOSSIPS' readers to our Twitter!!
Q: Your new album is titled "Trespassing". Whose world do you want to trespass into?
I'm sure the Queen, Madonna's world, would be mighty fascinating.
Q: What's the difference between this album and the last?
The last album was a fantasy, and escape into the campy, ironic, Glam Rock Universe. This album, Trespassing, is a chance for my fans to get to know the REAL me. The truth, both dark and light was the inspiration.
Q: What is one thing you would really like to see happen this year?
I'd love to have my album reach as many people as possible. I truly believe in its messages. Personally, I'd like to find joy in the little things.
Q: What are the most and least enjoyable things about shooting a music video?
I enjoy creating the video concept, the fashion, and the look of the video. They can be very time consuming and exhausting – but the hard work is worth the result. Anything for my FANS!
Q: What is your impression of Japanese fans?
Japanese fans are so gracious and respectful! I love the sense of style and their craftiness with the gorgeous notes and gifts I was given. I'm excited to visit again!
Q: What do you think about the fashion of girls in Japan?
It's so detail oriented and very committed. I have mad respect for the imagination and time it takes to put together the looks. Epesicially [sic] Harajuku divas!
Q: What do you like about Japan?
I love the food, positive energy of the fashion.
Q: Are there rules to obey when deciding what to wear?
I don't believe in fashion rules. I wear what I want, when I want!
Q: What is your favourite nail polish?
O.P.I. makes great colours.
Q: Are you doing anything right now to help keep your body or voice in shape?
I recently began juice cleansing. It makes me feel clean headed and healthy. A great state of mind leads to higher creativity!
Q: At the end of the day when you go to bed, what do you think of?
My mind never shuts off. I think about EVERYTHING!
Q: What is the secret to getting a great boyfriend?
I'm no expert, but find someone that makes you want to be a better person.
Q: When you're feeling down, is there something you can do to pick yourself up?
I tend [sic] more down when I have nothing to do. Being busy with something you're passionate about is a great way to stay happy.
Q: In Japan, there are people who are unable to come out from fear of prejudice. As an out, gay celebrity, is there a message you would like to leave?
There are similar challenges in America. Being who you truly are feels amazing. The Risk is worth the reward. You are not alone.
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