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Pressparty meets Adam Lambert (part 1)
With the UK release of his second album 'Trespassing' on the horizon, Pressparty were honoured to sit down for a chat with superstar Adam Lambert, only days after the singer touched down in London, to discover about the journey the record has taken him on so far.
'Trespassing' is Lambert's sophomore offering and has attracted serious attention around the globe, as well as rave reviews from some of the most well-respected publications in the world. It will officially be released in the UK on July 2.
The most notable milestone he has achieved with this fantastic new body of work is a coveted No.1 position on the Billboard 200 chart in America, and when asked how it felt to be the first openly gay male to have debuted at the top spot on that particular chart, Lambert expressed his pride at the impressive feat:
"I didn’t know that it hadn’t been reached before so I was kind of surprised, but I felt honoured by that. I think it’s a big deal in a way. It’s a big deal about something that shouldn’t be a big deal, which is funny. I think that we’re slowly but surely – we’re progressing in the States, we’re moving towards a more equal kind of post-mentality, but it’s going to take a minute."
He explained that while the subject of sexuality seems to be the focus point for many journalists he speaks to, he doesn't feel as though it's a big deal at all, because he is very open and accepted who he was from a young age:
"I never really thought much about it after (being) a teenager, after kind of dealing with coming out. Ever since then I’ve been open and it’s not really been a big part of my life. It’s not like a focus for me, I don’t think about being gay and I don’t always talk about being gay. But becoming a celebrity with my success on ‘Idol’ and releasing an album and doing interviews, all of a sudden it’s become one of the most favourite things journalists like to talk about."
Referring to how the media likes to centre interviews around his sexuality, the 'Never Close Our Eyes' sensation added that instead of getting irritated with the lack of focus on his music, he has learned to use the opportunity to promote a positive message:
"I really had to make my peace with how big of a deal it is to them and look at it as a great opportunity to set an example of comfort and honesty and pride, you know?"
The next part of Pressparty's insightful interview with the modern icon and GRAMMY nominee is on its way shortly with audio. Pressparty meets Adam Lambert (part 1)

Adam Lambert chats to Pressparty about Queen gigs: "I'm Adam and I'm going to sing how I always sing" 

Chart-topping performer Adam Lambert is currently in the UK to prepare for his run of London shows with iconic rock outfit Queen and told Pressparty that he can't wait to "sing the hell out of those songs".
During our exclusive interview with the 'Never Close Our Eyes' hitmaker, he spoke about how he has been preparing for the three dates at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo and revealed that he won't be channelling anyone except himself because he knows he can do the music justice:
"I’m honoured that they asked me to be a part of it and I think that it’s going to be a challenge, but it’s going to be one that I’m really looking forward to and I’m just going to try to do my best to sing the hell out of those songs. Get up on stage and give the audience a great show. And to be on stage with Brian May and Roger Taylor? They’re rock royalty, it’s going to be crazy."
When asked if he has to adapt his vocal style to fit with Queen's extensive and challenging back catalogue, Lambert explained that he is simply "going to sing how I always sing":
"I’m Adam and I’m going to sing how I always sing. Obviously it’s different material and from a musical perspective it’s slightly different, but that’s my voice. I will use my voice, of course."
He also opened up about how he keeps his voice at its best and revealed that he sometimes uses cardio exercise to warm up for a session or rehearsal:
"Warming up is really important, both vocalizing but also physically – I like to run on a treadmill or at least walk. And getting sleep and drinking lots of water, that’s really important. Just getting your heart rate up and sweating and getting the blood flowing is a great way to warm up your voice!" Adam Lambert chats to Pressparty about Queen gigs: "I'm Adam and I'm going to sing how I always sing"

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