OMG YAHOO UK haastatteli Adamia

Welcome, how do you like London?
I love it. I like the culture, the people, the emphasis on arts, on music, performance and fashion. There's legitimacy in the arts here.
You performed at G.A.Y. What was the response?
It was packed full of young and fabulous people. A great crowd and they seemed to really like the music even though it hasn't been released here yet.
Your album went to No1 in the States. Fancy replicating that here?
Yeah obviously. My profile is a little different here. I'm just excited to be singing and singing music that I helped to create.
How does it feel to be performing with the legends Queen?
I'm so excited. I have a great relationship with Brian May and Roger Taylor. It just felt like an easy and natural collaboration. It just clicked and I think that's why we decided to do something further.
Do you not get totally star struck?
It felt comfortable but the whole time I'm like 'it's f***ing Queen!'
You're playing with them before the Euro 2012 final. Are you a fan of soccer?
Football fan? Not necessarily. But you know hey, those shorts look good. I can enjoy the fashion of the football.
How was performing at the Royal Albert Hall with the likes of Alexandra Burke, Leona Lewis and JLS?
The acoustics were amazing. I chatted with Alexandra. She's lovely. I saw JLS, they were really easy going. They're great, they're really down to earth.
And we gather you partied with Katy Perry, Jessie J and The Wanted the other night?
After the G.A.Y performance we decided that we needed to keep partying. We met up with Katy Perry and her dancers and saw Jessie J there. She's lovely I'm a big fan. I love her. I think she's fabulous. She can sing circles around so many people. Carly Rae Jepsen was there too, who's a sweetheart, adorable and very cool. I think I saw The Wanted boys too.
We asked YOU on Twitter to submit your questions:
What do you do to de-stress? I love getting a massage, taking a bath, listening to relaxing music. Lighting a candle.
Top iPod tracks: Jamiroqui's most recent album 'Rock Dust Light Star'. It's really good. I've got Sam Sparrow on repeat. The Scissor Sisters new song. I'm a big Goldfrapp fan.
Do you sing your own songs in the shower? I sing in the shower, yeah. If I'm getting ready for a performance I'll be jamming on one of mine to warm up but otherwise I might just bust out a Queen song.
What will your next tattoo be? I've been thinking of a couple of things. I don't know yet. It'll probably be on my arm. I have a couple already and I want to add to them.
Are you ever homesick? I do get homesick but I've definitely come to the understanding that home is where your heart is. Adam Lambert on Queen, partying with Katy Perry & love for Jessie J

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