KTUphoria esiintyminen 20.5. New Yorkissa


Kickin' In

Naked Love

Whataya Want From Me

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and KTU 15


Adam from KTUphoria

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 Lisää kuvia löydät täältä.

“KTU-Phoria, chillen with Adam Lambert. Shout out to @D4ncinG4b for snapping my wonderful photo!!”
: My buddy @adamlambert backstage with me at #KTUphoria
: Hey it's @adamlambert! @ktuphoria
1035ktu: “@jaggeronair and @adamlambert backage!”
rvalentino: “Adam Lambert”
: Check out showin us his "collar poppin' concerned eyebrow" look


#Glamberts and our pals
: Backstage with and !

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