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Man of the Month
Adam Lambert: I cry so damn easily.
About Adam
Age: 30
Lives: Los Angeles
Boyfriend: Yes
Current: The new album “Trespassing”
He has stopped wondering what we want from him. Maybe because the answer is obvious? (Music!) SOLO met Adam Lambert and talked about love and happiness.
Congratulations Adam, you are Man of the Month in SOLO!
- Haha, ooh, thank you! That’s very flattering. I can be your gay best friend, why not?
Do you see yourself as a sexy guy?
- No. I like looking good and feeling handsome. After Idol there were a lot of girls who said very nice things to and about me, and I answered “Really?”. I’ve never seen myself as a good-looking guy.
Why not?
- I don’t know. I didn’t have that much success when it came to love when I grew up. It’s hard looking in the mirror and feeling satisfied with what you see when you don’t get any good feedback from the outside world.
So you weren’t “the shit” when you were in school?
- No! No, no, no, no, no! I was a real geek, overweight with bad skin. I never thought I would get to where I am today.
How is this album different from your last one?
- It is a lot more honest, and is more about things that I’ve gone through myself. It really is “my” album, my baby. The sound is different as well, a bit more towards the sounds of Michael Jackson and Prince than previously. When it comes to the content, it’s about being an outsider but being proud of it. The darker parts are about the effects of that, about how lonely and insecure it can feel.
You and I actually met two years ago. What have you learnt over these past years?
- I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I need to be happy. For a very long time I thought the only thing I needed to be happy was the kind of career I have now, but that’s not how you create happiness. Happiness has to come from the inside, or else it will eat you up.
Have you managed to find that inside happiness then?
- Yes. I have a better balance between my work and my private life now, and a part of the happiness I feel now comes from the fact that I am the source of my material. It feels more honest now.
Has it been two good years?
- Yes! Two wonderful years. I have grown, come to terms with myself and learnt a great deal about relationships.
For example..?
- How hard, yet rewarding it is to find someone who likes you as much as you like them, haha.
Are you in a relationship now?
- Yes. And I am very much in love.
You have turned 30 now…
- Mhm. Last week.
Oh, congratulations! Any angst over ageing?
- No. The advantage of being 20 is that you experience a lot for the first time and you never feel that way again, and it is beautiful. Also, I was skinnier, haha, and that was nice. But I understand more and am more clever now.
Did you celebrate by partying like a rock star?
- No. I had a quiet dinner with friends.
That sounds very grown-up.
- I was in a grown-up mood. I think I am so ready to get this album out, that feels like it will be my party.
You look quite tough, with the black hair and the make-up…
- What make-up? What are you talking about?
- I have attitude. I am a nice guy, but I can get agitated about things.
Such as?
- Injustice. Double standards. Dishonesty. Limitations. The opposite of things that I value.
What makes you cry?
- I cry like a baby at movies. I am a real wimp. I cry so damn easily, even if the the movie isn’t very good. If there’s a tiny bit of sentimentality then the tears come.
So if you watch “Extreme Home Makeover”..?
- No. That’s the limit.
Have you had time to see more of Sweden this time around?
- No. I would have loved to have time here, I’ve heard you have great shopping here in Stockholm. That’s how I explore cities, through shopping.

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