Rolling Stonen etukäteisarvio Trespassingistä

Adam Lambert, Tresspassing
Available: April/May
Forget second-album jitters: for Lambert, cutting a follow-up was a delight compared to his 2009 debut. "The last one, we were guessing," says the klaxon-voiced, mascara-eyed American Idol runner-up. "There was no time to let it settle and live with the music. It was 'Get it out there before people forget about you.' " For Trespassing, Lambert took his sweet time exploring a fun, hybrid sound of his own: "I'm not borrowing so much from classic rock this time – more from disco, funk, house. Dance-oriented stuff." Producers include Pharrell Williams and Chic's Nile Rodgers, who has called his collaboration with Lambert "one of the most organically perfect jams I've had since Bowie." The album's lyrics celebrate hedonistic abandon but also explore the trials of being an openly gay pop star. "I still feel like I'm not welcome," Lambert says. "Pop music feels like high school. There's the really cool kids, and I'm not one of those!" Spring Music Preview: Adam Lambert, Tresspassing

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