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He had an international break-through on American Idol and the hit song Whataya Want From Me. Now it’s on to new things for Adam Lambert who will be releasing a new album soon.

How is your new album different from your previous one?
- This album is more me, it’s more honest. I have written most of the songs and got to decide much more. That also includes the visual aspects. I produced the photography and worked with a graphic designer to create the visuals. This is my vision, and I have had time to think it over, so I know that I like it.

What inspired you?
- I wrote about my life! And how my life is so alike others in many aspects, but also how it is different. Many pop stars want to project this perfect, almost inhuman life, but I don’t consider myself to be perfect – far from it.

Do you often feel insecure?
- That is a large part of what the album is about. The first part is a bit more party, while the second part is more serious and dark. And I think everyone balances between the light and the dark side – you want to be a strong and happy person but there are moments where we aren’t just that. And we often try to appear to be strong and happy, even though we are hurt or insecure inside.

Now you are really a part of the music industry. Is it everything you thought it would be?
- Yes, it is difficult! There are a lot of politics involved. Sometimes it’s not about the music at all, even though people want that at heart.
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