Puolalainen POPCORN lehti haastatteli Adamia

POPCORN: Congratulations! Any day now we'll get your new cd in our hands. What can you tell about it to those who allready know the single from your upcoming album?
ADAM: That it's just as personal as "BTIKM". This album will be like a report about the last two years of my life - it's about what I've experienced, what I thought about. And I had many things to think about. There's not even a single track on that cd, that's complitely "trumped up". Every single one of them was born in my head, on the wave of events which struck me.

POPCORN: So I think there's no need to ask you about the albums title? You just explained why is it called "Trespassing".
ADAM: Exactly. In those twelve songs I described all of my ups and downs that happened to me during those last two years. you can say that it's like my personal confession.

POPCORN: Would you be able to pick just one track, that's the best description of what you've experienced?
ADAM: I think no. The single gives a good picture of my dillemas, becauose I was finally able to understand that you can't be just good or bad. Everyone of us has those both ellements within ourselves.

POPCORN: For recording of "Trespassing" you've invited many guests. We have Sam Sparro, Bruno Mars, Pharell Williams... How did you get to work with them all?
ADAM: Chemistry happened - they were obseving me, I was observing them. We all just were anxcious to record something together. I couldn't let that opportunity go.

POPCORN: When it comes to those collaborations - which one of them is your favourite?
ADAM: I don't ant to classify that way. But what gave me the biggest satisfaction was collaborating witha Pharell, becauose I'm a fan of his. He's just incredibly inspiring. I hope it's not the last time we worked together.

POPCORN: There are some rumours that one day are true, next day they're cancelled - anyay they're about you becoming the new voice of Queen, and that you'll play with Roger Taylor and Brian May a few concerts. Tell us please what's really going on in that matter?
ADAM: Oh faith! There's so much confussion when it comes to that cooperation! My words about playing with Queen were twisted so many times. I just told about mutual performance with the band during MTV EMAs. I know nothing about eventuall toring with Queen.

POPCORN: But tell us - are there any negotiations between you and Queen about that?
ADAM: Well yes, but there was no contract signed. I recognize it as an honour that such a legendary band would like to see me singing instead of Freddie. If I'd be asked to play a tour with them, I think first I'd had to try to wake up for like a week or so, becauose I couldn't believe that such a beautifull dream can come true.

POPCORN: Wouldn't you be afraid of comparitions to such an Icon like Freddie?
ADAM: Well people will talk anyway. They will criticize and grumble. I wouldn't even dare to try to deal with the Legend. What Queen has become thanks to Mercury... Oh, c'mon. I can only try to do my best and try to cope those extrimely high vocal requirements.

POPCORN: What polish fans can expect after releasing "Trespassing"?
ADAM: Firstly - they can expect an incredible hearing experience. Besides that I am very curious of Eastern Europe. I'd like to play a concert here becauose I know I have a huge fanbase in Poland. But I don't want to make any premature promisses. I'll just try to come to Poland. Meanwhile - just listen to "Trespassing" guys - 'cauose I need you to sing along with me on the concert!'

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