Artikkeli unkarilaisessa BRAVO lehdessä

Banitz Virág: How do you react to those gossips about you that are not true or offensive?
Adam: I just laugh at them sometimes, but I think it’s important to make those things clear.

Brigitta Bánfusz: As we know, you’ve won a lot of awards. Where do you keep them?
Adam: On a shelf, in my office.

Alice Bloggergirl Carror: How it feels to be a role model? Many people look up to you, is it a charge on you?
Adam: It feels amazing! I’m honored to entertain people and do what I love.

Eszter Gyurkó: Have you ever been in a situation when you were very afraid?
Adam: I don’ know, I’m not a person who gets afraid easily.

Vivien Glambert Báthori: What are the disadvantages of being famous?
Adam: Everyone has an opinion about what should I do or how should I act, and it’s really hard.

Klaudiia Kovács: How do you get rid of stress?
Adam: I listen to music that makes me relaxes, take a bath, get a massage…

Nikolett Szurikáta Tyukodi: Have you ever went through a time in your life, when you felt that everything turned awful, and you couldn’t achieve your plans the way you wanted? How did you cheer yourself up? What did you think about?
Adam: I take a deep breath and think about the positive. It usually helps me to get over the stressful times.

✔ Dorottya Boda (It’s Me!! : p) : What would you change about people?
Adam: That’s a strange question. I don’t know…

Zsófi Bangó: Is that ever happened to you that you got inspired in a completely ordinary place or situation? ( in the street, while you were shopping) What do you do in these cases? You write your thoughts down, or keep them in your mind?
Adam: I regularly get inspired while I run on the running machine. A lot of my musical tone – ideas came to my mind there.

Avril Lavigne Forever-Hungary: Millions of people look up to you, but who do You look up to?
Adam: Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson-they both did something new, they were unique and they could do anything.

Bia Pataki&Virág Csikós: Were you a rebel when you were a teenager?
Adam: No, I behaved very well and became a rebel later.

Julia Rathmann: Do you think that the Adam you were 14 years ago would be satistfied with who you are now?
Adam: In my 20s, I got more self conscious – thanks to my experience and relationships.

Käännös (c) @dolusglitz

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