MTV UK: Adam Lambert - 'Trespassing' First Listen!

Adam Lambert - 'Trespassing' First Listen!

EXCLUSIVE | Find out what MTV thought of Glambert's new LP here...

Adam Lambert is back with his eagerly anticipated sophomore album Trespassing and have been lucky enough to bag a first listen to an exclusive sampler. 

Following his debut release For Your Entertainment, Glambert is now gearing up to unleash his latest offering, looking to make his mark on the UK charts and follow the huge success that he's already achieved Stateside.

After impressing us with his show-stopping performance with legends Queen at the 2011 MTV EMA, we had high expectations for Lambert's new LP and from what we've heard so far, it's a bit of a corker.

Lambert himself has previously described the album as: "An exciting journey through the past two years of my life.  It's been a transformative period and I really wanted to make music from what I've experienced.  All these songs honestly explore the ups and downs of my reality."

Stand out songs include LP title track Trespassing - a foot-stomping anthem produced by Pharrell Williams - whose presence can be felt throughout the tune. With its heavy bassline and thumping beats, it's sure to be a hit - showing a more edgy R&B feel compared to his previous material.

Other highlights include heartfelt ballad Outlaws Of Love. Described as the 'most personal song' on the record, the dark track tells the tale of a forbidden relationship - otherwise known as Lambert's 'coming out' song. It displays a softer side to the somewhat eccentric star, giving him a chance to show off his crazy vocals and believe us, this boy can sing!

Lead single Better Than I Know Myself is also a chance for Adam to show off his vocal range, reaching notes we didn't even know were possible. Lambert fans, think Whataya Want From Me

Lambert has also teamed up with Bonnie McKee - who has worked with Katy Perry and Britney Spears - on electo-pop tune Cuckoo, which is already proving to be a firm favourite among his loyal fan base.

Sam Sparro also features on the album, working with Adam on synth-heavy track, Broken English and Shady - which wouldn't look out of place on a Maroon 5 LP. Dirty pop at it's best.

Overall, Trespassing displays Lambert's progression from being a contestant on American Idol to becoming an artist in his own right and we can't wait to hear the rest of the record!

Better Than I Know Myself is available to download from 11th March, ahead of the release of Trespassing on 19th March.

By Joanne Dorken
 MTV UK: Adam Lambert - 'Trespassing' First Listen!

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