Dean Piper: FIRST LISTEN: Adam Lambert’s wonderful Trespassing….

Having spent time with Adam Lambert recently I’ve got to know him a little and knew from the get go that Trespassing would be VERY different to For Your Entertainment. And it is.
It’s pop music to the core. You need to dust off those Cuban heels, grab your disco pants and unleash on the dancefloor.
So I heard six songs today. Three are sure fire radio and chart hits – easily. And this is aside from the lead single Better Than I Know Myself.
That track is a ‘soft launch’ to an album like this.
On his debut album Adam would probably freely admit it was a little rushed. As with every person that comes out of a show like Idol, it was a case of strike while the iron is hot.
Trespassing is actually a completely different beast. Firstly, his vocals are amazing. Secondly, Adam co-writes most of the tracks – making it deeply personal. And thirdly he’s worked with some of the best producers in the business.
This album was born to fly.
It’s also something I can imagine in full being more of a ‘piece of work’ rather than just a male pop vocalist album. The scope to push boundaries with the tracks I’ve heard is huge.
It also feels like an album that will take him from being a name ‘from Idol’ in Europe to a serious player. A household name.
I can see the majority of these tracks being on radio (Capital will cream their pants over it) – and I’m told there’s more surprises in store.
There’s one track that is yet to be complete that “will blow your mind”.
What I’ve heard has given me a buzz. Most tracks gave me an excited tingle down my spine – and that doesn’t happen much when I’m thrown 50 odd singles and albums each week….believe me!
So before I start a track by track run down let me say this. I believe in this album and Adam. He’s delivered something quite special here.
Better Than I Know Myself – Lukasz ‘Dr Luke’ Gottwald, Cirky, Ammo
The first track off the new album. BTIKM is an interesting choice for the lead. It’s perfect pop and his vocals are on fire. Releasing this track first shows just how confident the label is on this album.
Outlaws of Love – Rune Westerberg, Adam Lambert
This is ‘the ballad’ of the album. As a whole I’m told Trespassing is going to have a light and dark feel as a whole. Lots of high energy dance songs on one side and then a dark side that feature the more personal stuff.
This track is all about Adam coming out, getting to know himself and dealing with prejudice he’s encountered for being gay. “Say we’ll rot in hell, I don’t think we will.”
It’s written beautifully and is empowering and you really connect with the fact this song is deeply personal. It feels like an Aguilera ballad (minus the dodgy diva fakeness).
He should be extremely proud of this one – and it will become a firm anthem for the fans…..

Cookoo – Ollie Gee, Adam Lambert and Bonnie McGee
This song is friggin’ HUGE. It’s dance pop through and through and people will be gagging to remix it. A floorfiller, massive radio hit for Europe and even has a Britney style breakdown for the dance moves to be flexed. It was instantly a winner and a definite single.
Trespassing – Pharrell Williams, Adam Lambert
Who knew that Pharrell and Adam would make such an insanely good match! Not an obvious pairing but it feels so slick. It brings the FUNK and has a Gwen Stefani Hollerback Girl clap to it. You could imagine the video the second the claps began.
It also has a touch of early Queen to it in the shape and form of the thundering bassline running throughout.

Shady (Feat. Nile Rogers and Sam Sparro) – Lester Mendez, Nile Rogers. Written by Adam Lambert and Sam Sparro
Shady is the track Justin Timberlake should be launching if/when he realises that he was once a Prince of Pop. It’s a little more pop r+b I guess and yes, it is shady. There’s a Scissor Sisters style funk feel to it that runs throughout and the guest vocals work beyond perfectly. I was excited about this one and it doesn’t disappoint.

Broken English – Lester Mendez, Adam Lambert
Easily his strongest vocal on the sampler I’ve heard. It’s subtle and controlled and reminded me of a Darren Hayes style track but with an injection of adrenalin to make it actually worthwhile listening too without wanting to top yourself when it’s overplayed.

I’m gagging to have Trespassing on my iPod. I’m also thrilled that he’s produced this. It’s a new Adam but most importantly it’s a better Adam. He’s raised his game, found what works and is onto a winner.
P.S. EXCUSE THE OLD PICTURE….we are both ridiculously better looking these days……

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