Kuvia Adamista Lontoossa

Lovely to meet you, too! God, I was frozen - but it was worth it! Please see attached pic xxx
Here you go! :-)
Here you go! :-)

: Had a great interview with Adam Lambert today - he's just as awesome in person as you would expect. His album "Tresspassing" is going to be hands-down incredible. I'm already dying from anticipation. Adam will grace the eCover of EQmusicblog.com in March.

: First picture of me and Adam Lambert from earlier today. We went for the "emo" angle on this one.
: And another picture of me and Adam. My face looks... weird. Damn flash for not going off.
: Actually think I might like this one best although it's a little overexposed. HMM! Which of the 3 should I profile

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