Kuvia Adamista ja faneista

Thank you so so much for a wonderful afternoon! :) That's the pic I've taken of the two of us.. ;) ♥
..and that's the pic you've taken! :) Can't thank you guys enough, it's been a pleasure to meet you!
Thank you so much for a lovely afternoon! Been such a pleasure to meet you! :) ♥
Thanks SO much for the lovely chat, signing my stuff & taking the pic! :) You're fab! :)
Thank you so much, Adam, for signing stuff, taking pics and giving lovely hugs! :)
: Isaac and I 2 :D
: Tommy and I 2
: Tommy and I :D
: Me and Isaac :))
: Me and Adam :DD
: Photo: Me and mr.lambert :D
: Me and Adam <3
: Adam Lambert with a fan at Snowcase.
: A looks so Hot in this pic with fan!!!
: a Beautiful DAY :)
: :) So Beautiful

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