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The Impact of Adam Lambert

Leila Lambert tells how her son’s coming out affected her family, why it’s important to be active for equality, offers advice for parents of other gay children, and reveals what she thinks of Adam’s new album.

By Jeremy Kinser

Adam Lambert says that he had it relatively good. When he and his mother Leila Lambert were accepting awards from PFLAG this year, Adam told the audience that coming out was made much easier because his parents were so supportive of him. In fact, Adam and Leila joke that one of her first reactions was “great — more shopping!”

In an exclusive interview with The Advocate, our November cover man’s mother talks about the bad advice she got when thinking about asking Adam if he had a boyfriend, his subsequent coming out at 18, and the support she can now show as the parent of an openly gay man. She also drops some hints about the recording of his new album, due out in spring 2012. Following the interview, Leila said there are a few simple words of advice she has for every parent: “Love your child without reservation and unconditionally!”

The Advocate: The Impact of Adam Lambert

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