Twitter party 9.10.2011

 1. @adamlambert: Twitter party!!

2. Q: @PiscesGirl18: What r u goin to be for Halloween
A: I dunno yet!

3: Q: @ExoticBeat: Yay ♥ What do microphones taste like?
A: sweat. Lol.

4. Q: @LaurieLovesAdam: Who's funnier, you or Neil?
A: Neil

5: Q: @GLAMBERTROSE: could you say 'Hello' to me???plz!!!
A. hello!

6. Q: @baking4fun: hint about the photoshoot? Theme?
A. lots of themes. Lots of looks.

7. Q: @katush_a: Who's your fave actor? (as for me I like Dohnny Depp =)) Do you like him?? )
A: I agree, Depp is one of the best. Also Downey Jr...

8: Q: none
Statement: Better questions please!!! Lol

9. Q: @BdwayDiva1: What (if anything) did you have for breakfast?
A: oatmeal w fresh peaches. So good!

10: Q: @hirotoshii: NY or LA?

11: Q: @SaxPlayingDuck: What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?
A: Rick Owens boots

12: Q: @t4miracles: Will you be doing a music video for your new single?
A: yes.

13: Q: none
Statement: Here's the deal: there have been a couple of creative set backs on the first single. Mainly cuz I'm a perfectionist. Ha.

14: Q: none
Statement: Seems as though the single will explode in November. I'm sorry for the delay- but trust me, it's worth it. The song HAS to be perfect!

15: Q: @YardenMD: (unavailable; deleted?)
A: hope yours was lovely. I'm not a practicing Jew - proud of my heritage though. :)

16: Q: @nieceyE: Is the album release timeline still the same?
A: as of now, album will be released in the spring. Feb/march?

17: Q: @Chris3Austin: OH! Wait, so you DO have your 1st single already picked out! Can we get the name of it at least? (longshot I know)
A: here's the kicker: the single hasn't been chosen. Narrowing it down...

18: Q: @_tinsku later: Are you in studio right now?
A: later today actually...

19: Q: @AmbyMT: Do you still listen to Goldfrapp??
A: still my fav playlist for relaxing.

20: Q: @luvGlam_Bostick: Is this album going to be mostly about the VOCALS or MUSIC?
A: both!

21: Q: @RakstarGlambert: Please tweet me happy birthday? :))))) <333
A: happy birthday!

22: Q: @Oshi4Real: Are you using an iphone, ipad, or laptop right now?
A: iphone

23: Q: @LaurieLovesAdam: Would you ever get a dog?
A: id LOVE a dog- but I know with all the up owing travel- the dog could get neglected.. So I'm gonna wait.

24: Q: @RadarEcho: will your name be on EVERY song as a writer for the new album?
A: not every song... But most.

25: Q: @SHEMBEREk: Where do you go to relax and escape the stress of daily life?
A: my house!

26: Q: @amyglambert101: why no more tight pants ?
A: huh? They're around... Don't worry.

27: Q: @MonroeMadness69: how much do u love your fans?
A: i love my fans sooo much. I wouldn't be making this album w/o u guys!

28: Q: @scclarke90: have you worked with max martin
A: yes. He produced WWFM and If I Had You.

29: @beccs_ILY_nz: What's living on a bus like?
A: a bit difficult. But sorta fun like camp. Or a big teenage sleepover.

30: Q: @NoAngelPF: Do you get to keep any of the cool clothes/jewelry from your photo shoots?
A: some of it... :) some I have to buy. :)

31: Q: @HausOfViktoria: are you gonna give any pre-album interviews to promote it?
A: of course.

32: Q: @AdamRocksBerlin: I like Sia's new song 'Titanium'! Do you like the version with David Guetta?
A: yes! It a great song!!!

33: Q: @RuxyRuxyy: Lady Gaga or Pink:
A: both.

34: Q: @GlitzNtheGlam: @adamlambert are you a virgin?
A: hahahahahaha hell no.
35: Q: @vic_lefthand: do you feel more like your sun or moon sign right now?
A: depends on the activity.
36: Q: @VH1: Thanks @adamlambert for the #PopUpVideo shoutout! The #Glamberts want us to POP one of your vids! What do you think??
A: yes please!!!!

37: @RosscoFromMosco: what is the best, most fierce guyliner you would recommend For My Entertainment dude???
A: smolder by MAC

38: Q: none
Statement: musical highlight of Burning Man: amidst all the generic dubstep and trance... Daft Punk's Da Funk came on. I was FINALLY inspired to dance!

39: Q: none
Statement: I've been very inspired by french acts on Ed Banger records lately. Electro/disco/funk. Feels so good.

40: Q: @alexanderenrico: Do you think any of recent artists are just being phonies to boost album/single sales or are they just as real and genuine??
A: entertainment industry is full of smoke and mirrors. Lots of fake shit going down. Makes Authenticity very refreshing.

41: Q: @RadioChloe: Best Hangover Remedy?
A: bloody Mary! :)

42: Q: @fionamama2: fav installation or theme camp at BRC this year?
A: wooden Ouroboros structure. Sauli and I tagged it one early morning. Also loved the River Stix installation.

43: Q: @Glam_Nails: btw what is ur favorite lady gaga song?
A: fav gaga song is bad romance.

44: Q: @Pusishvr_Ninja: How sweet is it to play dress up for those photo shoots?
A: Sooooo much fun!

45: Q: @SexualTicTacToe: What was your idea for your Album photo shoot centered around? Please reply and make a Glambert happy xx
A: looks had to do w different songs that will be on the album.

46: RT by @adamlambert: RT @negativeneil: @adamlambert get Ed Rec Vol. 1, 2, and 3 on iTunes. Good sampler of all their artists.
Regarding this Tweet from @adamlambert: I've been very inspired by french acts on Ed Banger records lately. Electro/disco/funk. Feels so good.

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