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remavineyard @adamlambert What are you doing in NYC?
adamlambert @remavineyard all sorts of bizzness :)

HannaBec @adamlambert did u get a hair cut?
adamlambert @ @HannaBec I have to get one about every 3 weeks - I'm a grower

mustthinkagain @adamlambert what is your hair colors called?
adamlambert @ @mustthinkagain Acid Wolf

MarinaAL @adamlambert there's rumors that you're pregnant, can you confirm this?
adamlambert @MarinaAL I didn't want to jinx anything. Still in first trimester. Shhh

SeleneBean @adamlambert How does rock fit in with more of the electronic/pop sound you're going for? I have a hard time trying to "hearing" it. Explain
adamlambert @SeleneBean I honestly don't believe in limiting myself to one genre. All about throwing a few influences together like fusion.
adamlambert @SeleneBean at the end of the day- a great song is a great song.

Stefhanie88 @adamlambert What do you think of the new season of True Blood so far? from a fellow trubie.
adamlambert @Stefhanie88 i love it!! Diggin the witches.

agathadams @adamlambert do you sometimes wish you had more Gay "allies" in the music business?
adamlambert @agathadams while there isn't a large presence in the music biz, I honestly don't think it should matter. It's about MUSIC

mari_guerra @adamlambert what will be your next hair do?
adamlambert @mari_guerra I dunno girl... I don't plan these things, just go w an impulse.

Hello_Caitlin @Adamlambert I Love You! Fave Article Of Clothing At The Moment? Or What Are You Wearing Right Now?
adamlambert @ @Hello_Caitlin dem Rick Owens boots.

AraneLambert @adamlambert in yur next tour, are you going to sing some songs of your first album?
adamlambert @ @AraneLambert most likely.

Jeannie_Glitter @adamlambert if u love someone & u already have a gf/bf do u give up ur gf/bf & date the person u love or keep the gf/bf??
adamlambert @Jeannie_Glitter you gotta follow your heart. The best relationships are based on honesty.

_EmmaLambert_ @adamlambert do you like kitties?
adamlambert @_EmmaLambert_ more of a puppy guy

AdamsHart @adamlambert let's turn it arround if you could ask your fans any question what would that be?
adamlambert @AdamsHart what was your LEAST favorite song from the last album?

eclair_unfbert @adamlambert what do you think bout your goverment?
adamlambert @eclair_unfbert not a politician. Not an area I feel comfortable using my platform for. ....

AnnieWT @adamlambert have you narrowed down your ideas for next album title?
adamlambert @AnnieWT oh yeah. I have it picked.

lionhearted_ @adamlambert where did you get your tan?
adamlambert @lionhearted_ my backyard. And the versa Spa. Lol

mmaijju @adamlambert could you say "moi" to me
adamlambert @mmaijju moi

PinkGlamMonster @adamlambert So do you have a tank top fetish these days?
adamlambert @PinkGlamMonster not really- it's summer. It's hot.

elglamlala @adamlambert how long do you want to be in show business?
adamlambert @elglamlala this is what I was born to do. Always.

Ramonapaul @adamlambert A clue about your new album?
adamlambert @RamonaPal it's good

OblaLovesAdam @adamlambert worn any sneakers lately?
adamlambert @OblaLovesAdam only when exercising.

Seren_14 @adamlambert if you weren't a singer, what would you be?
adamlambert @Seren_14 prob a director or designer

LadyPricelessN @adamlambert have any addictions?
adamlambert @LadyPricelessN yeah a few. Lol

UberTrish @adamlambert Do you ever regret fashion decisions?
adamlambert @UberTrish someone's I look back and go thru a brief period of denial and grief. Buy regret? Never.

anthrogeekPF @adamlambert I know I'm invisible, but... FUNK?? y/n???
adamlambert @ @anthrogeekPF yes. Funk. Def

Glambert4everAL @adamlambert how would you describe your life right now? what do you do everyday?
adamlambert @Glambert4everAL I prepare. I create. I love.

TeliseLambLusk @adamlambert Sooo.. Pajammy Jam Jams or Sleeper in the Raw? Inquiring minds need to know!
adamlambert @TeliseLambLusk au natural under the covers.

kinkykiedis @adamlambert Yay you came back, can I ask u what your doing rn or am I being to nosy, if so sorry. Im not normally
adamlambert @kinkykiedis I'm tweeting.

JadenLambert @adamlambert plz check out this picture an amazing artist friend of mine did,, shes amazing&this pic is sick
adamlambert @JadenLambert wow that's awesome!!

Mistyglmbrtjail @adamlambert If you could bring a movie character to life, who would it be?
adamlambert @Mistyglmbrtjail Freddie Mercury, Cleopatra

lifetweets_ @adamlambert do you & @PerezHilton hang out alot?
adamlambert @lifetweets_ nope

TheLambertLuvva @adamlambert Do you believe in the occult?
adamlambert @TheLambertLuvva good question. I'm fascinated by it. I find it sexy.

ArchiesCrush @adamlambert Do you like the idea of the glowsticks for the next tour being PURPLE?
adamlambert @ArchiesCrush yes. Purple would be awesome.

baileymayhugh @adamlambert zebra print or houndstooth?
adamlambert @baileymayhugh def zebra

Zsanelia @adamlambert What's your opinion about sex with girls? Do you also like this? [I think...]
adamlambert @Zsanelia i think everyone should try something at least once.

glambert1125 @adamlambert current favorite colour?
adamlambert @glambert1125 black/gray

jelena296 @adamlambert does it ever bother you that you sometimes have to share your personal thoughts with millions of people [through your music]?
adamlambert @jelena296 it's a great opportunity. Not a duty. I choose to.

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