Adam ja Sauli ranskalaisessa ONE lehdessä

Adam Lambert: In Love!

Adam Lambert is working hard on his new album, the follower of For Your Entertainment, released now two years ago. Expected in the fall, this new album will be entierly co-written by Adam, which was not the case of his first one, "I feel very creative at this moment, and I've got all the reasons to think that this album will be what I've done best for now, declared the glam prince. I feel confortable in my own skin and in my life, and it has a very positive influence on my music. I can't wait for my fans to hear this new songs." Happy in love, Adam is, in fact. On Twitter, the star introduced us to his new lover, Sauli Koskinen, wich he is dating since the beginning of the year. We wish him all the happiness in the world!

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