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@huikingsze (kasey) tapasi Adamin Lontoossa.

I went to the British Library today and after coming out of it, I decided to walk to the Camden Market. On the street right outside the St Pancras train station, I noticed a guy in black with sunglasses walking towards me. He’s talking on the phone. I don’t know why but a voice inside me sort of came up,” Oh this guy really looks like Adam Lambert!”

Then he passed by me and I HEARD THAT AMERICAN ACCENT. This’s very distinguishable when you’re in London isn’t it? So I turned to look at him and guess what? I saw some guyliners behind those sunglasses! At that point I was almost sure it really WAS Adam Lambert.

This froze me on the ground and I struggled for a while whether I should approach him and get things clear or not. In the end of course I did. Since Adam had already gone for some distance, I had to pick up my pace to catch up with him.

He just finished his phone call when I got back to him. So I got up my nerve and asked rather timidly, “Excuse me, are you... Adam?”


Oh my god! Never in my life would I expect to bump into one of my favourite singers on the street and therefore, I had no idea what I could say!

“OMG, it really is you... Ermerm, I went to your gig in Hong Kong last year!”

Shit, I was so stupid.

But Adam’s really nice and sweet. He just kept smiling and thanked me and then told me his bag was broken (he’s carrying a paper bag).

“Are you on holiday?”

“Yes... oh but no, I’m also working here. I’m working on some new songs now.”

I then asked if I could have a picture with him. He said “sure” and I took out my camera. Since there’s no one we knew around, Adam said, “Let’s see if we can do it on our own!” I pressed the button took the photo. We did it.

AND AFTER THIS HE REACHED OUT HIS RIGHT HAND. Awwww how nice was he! Isn’t it I should be the one who asked for shaking hands with him? We shook hand and he said “Have a nice day” to me.

“You too! Thanks so so much!”

Yes, thank you very much indeed. Actually I don’t live in London I’m just a visitor there-- it was damn lucky of me to have met a favourite musician of mine in a foreign place! Now my trip is just beyond perfect, I know ;)

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