Adam pitää ‘badass’ James Durbinista

American Idol: Adam Lambert likes ‘badass’ James Durbin

People have compared American Idol hopeful James Durbin to former runner up Adam Lambert, but the star thinks that they are actually pretty different.
During his initial audition, the Californian singer belted out the 60′s Led Zeppelin classic “You Shook Me,” and although he was more gritty than Glam, many fans and publications hailed James as the new Lambert.
On this week’s top 12 boys show, Durbin sang the Judas Priest hit “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming”. His vocals were so near perfect, we could have sworn they were pre-recorded for him and he held back from screaming his way through the song – though he has the chops to do it. The judges loved it and so, it seems did Adam. He took to Twitter to praise James saying:
Durbin sounded badass tonight! Lot more control! And while we both have a rock scream I think we’re pretty different stylistically.
Adam also tweeted out his support of the gorgeous Jacob Lusk and admitted:
I’m so excited to hear u sing every week!!

American Idol: Adam Lambert likes ‘badass’ James Durbin



Täytyy kyllä myöntää, että Durbinissa on potentiaalia voittoon ja on oma suosikkini.

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