Venäläinen Love Radio haastatteli Adamia


-Hi Adam!

-Hi! How are you?

-Good, good, but what about you?

-I'm great, thanks!

-My name is Lev and we're Love Radio, which basically means we're in charge of the feeling called love. What does that word mean to you?

- Love to me is, well I don't even know, love is trust, conversations, happiness.

- If you know the word love so well, then have you ever felt that way yourself and how many times do you fall in love?

- I've definitely fallen in love and I feel it everyday.

- Have you ever done something crazy because of love?

- Absolutely. I think we've all experienced that and I have too. We've all fallen in love and gone crazy over someone who doesn't feel the same way and that just drives you insane.

- Can you tell us more about it?

- A couple of years ago, a couple of times with a few people.

- We all have different opinions about what we call crazy. How would you describe it?

- Well, in my case I was sad for a long time but I wouldn't say I did something crazy. I just felt really burned out.

- So for you crazy means feeling sad over somebody?

- I would say it means being obsessed with somebody.

- If you fall in love tomorrow, what would you do to impress that person?

- Well, I'm currently in a relationship, I'm in love and it's wonderful, so I don't have to impress anyone. I'll just continue being in a relationship and expressing my love.

- I know you've been in Russia before, you came here last year, what do you think about our country now?

- It was really cool, I got to meet my fans. They were waiting for me at my hotel and at my concerts so it was really great that I got to speak with them, get to know them and look at their faces. I really like the Russian language and the way it sounds, it was really nice to hear it everywhere. I had a nice couple of days.

- Do you agree with the stereotypes, that it's really cold here, vodka, bears everywhere?

- No, I was there in the summer. Vodka wasn't included in my plans, I went shopping and it was great, so Russia for me is gorgeous streets, beautiful people with shopping bags in their hands.

- It's great that you liked it here.

- I really did! I wish I had had more time but it was a short trip.

- I bet there are a lot of people who would like to invite you to their homes.

- That would be great!

- We know that you have become the new member of the legendary Queen. Do you already feel responsibility? You're the new Freddie Mercury. What's going to happen to your own career?

- Well yeah, that's not entirely true. We've had a couple of conversations about having a few gigs in the future but we haven't confirmed anything yet. It would be great if I could perform with them again. We've already performed together once in the AMA's. We had a great time and we decided to do it again.

This year is going to be very work-filled because I'll be releasing my new album called Trespassing and it's my first priority, but I'd love to perform with them again. Working with them is a chance for me to sing with them again, not join the band.

- So you're not gonna try to "blend in" with the band?

- No, not all. I don't feel that much responsibility in performing with them. I love Freddie Mercury and the point is not to become the new him but give respect to this band and their music. I'm not going to copy him.

- You're going to release a new album after a short break. How is it different from the first one that is called For Your Entertainment?

- It sounds different. There are some dance tracks on it but I've also kept my love for rock. One half of the album makes you want to dance, Michael Jackson and Prince inspired me, the people that I used to listen to when I was a kid. The other half of the album is sad and dark and I was inspired by Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode so I think the album is a nice combination of different sounds.

- Your new album and music video show that you've grown up and got more serious. Do you agree with that?

- There are tracks on the album that are not serious at all, but all in all it shows that I've grown and that I'm progressing. I'm just happy I can release another album, I loved making it, I recorded and helped with most of the tracks because they were coming from me. After touring for two years, I've finally come to that point where I can express myself more. I'm very happy that my fans were there for me so I just had to give them a ticket to trespass into my life.

- Well in that case, the name of your album is just great.

- I know!

- Adam, here in Russia we say that by the age 30, a man has built a house, planted a tree and had a baby. You recently turned 30. What have you already accomplished out of these three?

- I haven't built a house yet, but I'm renting one and I love it. I've decorated it so I can say I've practically built it. I haven't planted a tree but I definitely water some, and my baby is my album - I've worked on it for almost a year now, I take care of it and I'm going to show it to the whole world so yeah, it's like a baby.

- Lots of our listeners right now are your fans. What would you like to say to them?

- I want to thank you all so much, for supporting me and requesting my songs on radios and on television and everywhere. My new album is coming out and I won't disappoint you. So get ready, I can't wait to give you my new music. 

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