Haluatko kirjoittaa Adamille? Nyt on mahdollisuutesi saada kirjeesi Adamille henkilökohtaisesti!

Gotta Tell You All Something!
I'm going to be doing another minute by minute tweeting frenzy next Tuesday, March 13th when I attend the Acoustic Cafe in Hartford, CT.

I received this ticket from an amazing friend who has a connection (alway helps) to the event sponsor.

Yes, it's true! I'm going to meet Adam again. I'm busy planning my strategy and was thinking that I would be thrilled to present him with a package of letters from some Glamberts who have not had a chance to meet him.

So start writing! What would you like to tell Adam (and me)? I will print out all emails received and present them to Adam in a special way (which I will figure out)


Please include your twitter name and put "Adam Letter" in the Subject line.

Barely breathing again!!!!
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