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heatworld:Adam here #adamonheat yfrog.com/hwrxgwj

♥here i am at HEAT (In Chronological Order)
♥Adam here #adamonheathttp://yfrog.com/hwrxgwj
♥@Finnberta_ MAAAAAAYBE :)
reply to @Finnberta_: Is there going to be new single before album release?
♥@TarrynWilliams Good luck on your opening night!!! Break a leg
in reply to @TarrynWilliams: Hey Adam! It would mean a lot if you could wish me good luck on our opening night performance of Les Miserables at school! ♥
♥@NidaIrshad_96 ALL of them!!!
in reply to @NidaIrshad_96: Which song from Trespassing are you the most excited to perform live? :) @heatworld #AdamOnHeat
♥@TommysBitch28 That wasnt a song... it was a working lyric... one that was changed... haha yall are paying SUCH close attention!
in reply to @TommysBitch28: hey Adam I was wondering if the song formerly known as "Freak Flag" made the cut for the album & if so can u tell us the new name
♥@adamfascinated Thats true! NAKED LUV is an upcoming song! really great catchy happy pop!
in reply to @adamfascinated: Hi adam! there's a song called "Naked Love" in ur upcoming album? Is That true? :)
♥@OutlawOfLambert The Clip is ONE half of the whole....an intro to the light part of me.
in reply to @OutlawOfLambert: What words would you describe your #BTIKM clip?
♥@monalee62 ALMOST :0
in reply to @monalee62: Adam, Is all the songs for the album picked? Is light and dark on different sides?
♥@juliambert Its mine now. :) Ratty? Nope - stylist said it was $$$ lol
in reply to @juliambert: that ratty sweater you're wearing in the "Better Than I know Myself" vid is yours or a prop? #loveit #adamonheat
♥@katush_a are you sure about that?? hehe
in reply to @katiush_a: We already know 11 songs from Trespassing!! What's the title of 12th?
♥@Loredana2 thats finished... bridge was burned
in reply to @Loredana2: Are you and Monte no longer working together or do you just have different schedules at he moment? #AdamOnHeat
♥@ailaah The Deluxe will have bonus tracks
in reply to @ailaah: What´s the difference between deluxe and ordinary edition of TRESPASSING? #adamonheat
♥@freaky_glambert Pharrell produced it... what do you think? :) its gonna hit HARD
in reply to @freaky_glambert: how different is the studio version of Trespassing fron the snippet we heard at Snowcase?
♥@Kathryn17 after much debate its CUCKOO
in reply to @Kathryn17: Adam: Do we spell Cuckoo like that or like this, Cookoo??! LOL ;p #adamonheat
♥@jristen prob 3 or 4
in reply to @jristen: HOW MANY THO??????????
♥@Kathryn17 I will always be working on it. Life is about balance... co-existence... compromise....
in reply to @Kathryn17: Do u think the reason you chose the duality concept for #Trespassing was bc u have recently found ur happy medium? #adamonheat
♥@Canadian_Paula KICKIN IN is gonna be a big surprise... another Pharrell masterpiece... its gonna make da kidz moooove
in reply to @Canadian_Paula: What song are you MOST looking forward to your fans hearing? #AdamOnHeat
♥@attieycqkaah VERY POSSIBLE!!! STAY TUNED
in reply to @attieycqkaah: VOCAL COLLAB POSSIBILITY???
♥@EUTheGlamily The track is the albums Mission statement. its almost like a disclaimer for the things to come...
in reply to @EUTheGlamily: What made you choose the title #Trespassing tho? #adamonheat
♥@Chris3Austin Therapist or Stylist. Although in some respects those are the same job
in reply to @Chris3Austin: What do you see yourself doing if you weren't a fantastically AMAZING singer??? :D
♥@55glamgal @adamlambert Girl- you havent heard that beat yet.... lol just get ready. I hum whatevers in my head... sometimes
in reply to @55glamgal: @adamlambert cannot get the beat of Trespassing out of my mind. Do you find yourself humming ur own songs or someone else's?
♥@AdamLambertBE Nope... theres about four in the running... theyre all massive... im so excited
in reply to @AdamLambertBE: Do you already know what song your 2nd single is going to be?
♥@riley1877 NAw... not this year... i got work to do..
in reply to @riley1877: Are you going to the Grammy's?
♥@Susie_Squee Not sure yet... youre WAY ahead of me... I gotta get the album out first!!
in reply to @Susie_Squee: How are you going to exploit dark / light theme on tour? ♥ U xoxo
♥@MistyGlitter YES... naturally. that was an acoustic preview... The track is so sexy....
in reply to @MistyGlitter: Is the album version of Trespassing a lot different than the acoustic version you did in Austria.
♥@Ryden_Smiles The studio version is much more cinematic. More instrumention. But still an organic feel...
in reply to @Ryden_Smiles: We have heard OUTLAWS OF LOVE in acoustic ... studio recording will surprise us?
♥@AleksandraKv Feels soooo good to sing....
in reply to @AleksandraKv: Is Trespassing hard to sing? You make it sound so easy, I was just wondering...
♥@lissaluvsmusic Before we I take ya'll to the club, i wanted to connect emotionally with you. Wanted to admit some faults.
in reply to @lissaluvsmusic: with so many hot pop dance songs in the running for next single, what was the thinking behind BTIKM for the first one? #LuvItBtw
♥@grace2010xoxo hello miss thing
in reply to @grace2010xoxo: tweet meeeeee, I'm gonna dieeeee,, haha haha Loooove yooooou
♥@Karenper theres dashes of dubstep here and there... used like spice in a recipe...
in reply to @Karenper: Adam, is there some dubstep in one of your songs?
♥@kvazimorda I feel renewed..... i have so much to look forward to. a new decade. fuck yeah
in reply to @kvazimorda: What the most important thing you realized being 30 years old? Is there a life after 30? #adamonheat
♥@britrox_97 "I can be obnoxious at times but try and see my heart"
in reply to @britrox_97: favorite lyric from btikm?
♥@mistyuk No i drink lots of water.
♥@katush_a CUCKOO is def on the light side of the album.... its about the freedom in loosing your mind...
in reply to @katush_a: What songs from Trespassing describe your dark side?? Is "Cuckoo" one of them?
♥@Hungarevival @adamlambert about half and half....
in reply to @Hungarevival: @adamlambert what is the balance of upbeat and slow songs on the album?
♥@Glamfate Nope... :(
in reply to @Glamfate: Will the song "Get Over It" be on the album? #AdamOnHeat I loved the demo i heard!
♥@aileyisabitch oooh yeah baby lol
in reply to @aileyisabitch: can i touch your butt
♥@BillieMalamas Both sides were extreme representations of my personality... the light was relaxing ...dark was sorta theraputic...
in reply to @BillieMalamas: In the BTIKM video, did you prefer playing the light side or the dark side? Please answer!!
♥@PersianGlamDr @Glamfate Underneath is one of the darkest, most vulnerable tracks...
in reply to @PersianGlamDr: @Glamfate what about UNDERNEATH ?!
♥@cynicalshadows @adamlambert I collaborated with Ray Kay on the concept...
in reply to @cynicalshadows: Did you come up with the concept for the BTIKM video yourself?
♥@CrazzyGlambert No. The album attempts to show how nothing and noone is that black and white... there are shades of gray.
in reply to @CrazzyGlambert: does the dark side of life always feel bad? and the light side always good?
♥Last question lovelies
♥@majailia "My heart is GOLD my body is GLASS. C'mon baby Cant you see?"
in reply to @majailia: Tresspassing lyrics: My heart is gold my body RAD?
♥Thank you all for a great chat!!!! Trespassing is coming soon!!!!

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