Äänestys: Adam Lambert ja Sauli Koskinen Vs. Neil Patrick Harris ja David Burtka

Last week, when we posted our list of the 30 cutest non-Robsten couples of 2011, a number of you spoke up for a write-in couple (which, with Russell and Katy over, we definitely have an opening there): Adam Lambert and his boyfriend of one year (and partner in crime), Finnish reality-TV vet Sauli Koskinen

But we can’t make things THAT easy for you, Glambert fans. We thought we’d stir the pot a little more and bring the Weekly Hotness poll back from its winter hiatus. So we present to you this special couples’ edition, pitting Adam and Sauli against that other perennially adorable example of true love: Neil Patrick Harris and fiance David Burtka. 

On the one hand, Adam, 29, and Sauli, 26, are undeniably gorgeous, and they look good together too. Plus their shared background in reality TV must have made for good conversation when they first hooked up.

On the other, Neil, 38, and David, 36, have the cuteness factor in their favor — especially when you include their 1-year-old twins, Gideon and Harper. They’ve also got longevity, having been together since 2004. Also, who can vote against Doogie?

But we’ll let you be the judge. Peruse the gallery and vote before the poll closes Friday at 1 p.m. ET.
 Voit äänestää Adamia ja Saulia täällä.

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