Twitter Party 29.12

@adamlambert Ok. Twitter party!! But I'm only answering questions bout my brother Neil in honor of his birthday. I'll try not to embarrass him.

K: @smushypotato: @adamlambert best memory of you and neil as kids?
V: @adamlambert: @smushypotato we were both in children's theatre together. Getting to perform alongside my bro was very special.

K: @MusicKitty18: @Adamlambert What is Neil Really like? is he the way he acts on twitter? 7
V: @adamlambert: @MusicKitty18 haha. His sarcasm and cynicism are for comic effect... He's actually a sensitive, caring guy. :)

K: @Morgan_Dancer: @adamlambert what's the craziest outfit you made Neil wear???
V: @adamlambert: @Morgan_Dancer totally put him in drag once at an early age. Lol. He was pretty fierce. He loved the attention.

K: @DesireeSj_love: @adamlambert does your brother sing? beautifly like you? <3 follow back please! please? ^^ love you
V: @adamlambert: @DesireeSj_love he can def hold a tune. Great sense of pitch. He plays piano beautifully too!

K: @gaaraluver: @adamlambert Have you ever taken him on on politics? And if so, who won? :)
V: @adamlambert: @gaaraluver NO. I can discuss certain social and historical things w him, but he's very versed in politics and I'm not... I know jack s**t!

K: @VestigesLCRI: @adamlambert What have you found out about him that surprised you?
V: @adamlambert: @VestigesLCRI when we were young I thought we couldn't be more different, now I enjoy noticing how we're alike.

K: @OutlawOfLambert: @adamlambert Neil heard the new songs? What do you think about them?
V: @adamlambert: @OutlawOfLambert I really value his opinion of my music. He's loving the album!!! :)

K: @lydiabowness: @adamlambert what was neil like on tour? Behind the scenes?? Lol :-)
V: @adamlambert: @lydiabowness incredibly helpful.

K: Käyttäjä poisti kysymyksen. Muistaakseni se oli, että inspiroiko Neil Adamia.
V: @adamlambert: @charliesabin we fought a lot as kids but spent a lot of time together. Go figure.

K: @HaleyCornish: @adamlambert has Neil always believed you would be as successful as you have become?
V: @adamlambert: @HaleyCornish ask Neil. ;)

K: @me_ys_itsme_moi: @adamlambert what does Neil think about Sauli ? are they friends ?
V: adamlambert: @me_ys_itsme_moi yeah they get along great!!

@adamlambert: Alrighty!! Time to enjoy the day. Talk to u all soon! :)

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