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Interview: Yuko Kato
It's been some time since we heard any official news from Adam, but according to his tweets, Adam has been busy recording. On 23 October, there were videos of him working with the highly influential Nile Rodgers. After compiling his tweets, it appears that the sophomore album will be more personal and more restrained as compared to the previous album where it was more theatrical. The album has also been slightly delayed till spring.

The interviewer asks what Adam means when he said in another interview: "now I believe in more than I can see" (Terra: actually this was probably referring to his tweet, not an interview -- unless I missed out on an interview)
Adam talks about how it's easy for people to believe only in what they see for themselves. However, a commonality of religion and spirituality is that people believe in a force above them. So that why he wrote that lyric. It's not just about what's in front of your eyes, but you have to believe in what your heart feels. And that's what trust/faith is about.

The interviewer questions Adam, shouldn't it be instead about not believing in things that you can't see?
Adam replies that of course he believe in things that he can see, but there are also situations where there are things that one can't touch or feel yet one can believe in them. There are things that exist beyond what can be felt physically. So his album documents a lot of the journeys of these discoveries beyond the tangible.

The interviewer says she understands what he's saying, that he's a very spiritual person, and that's why it would be nice if the next album would reflect that.
Adam says yes, without a doubt those will be plenty in the album. (Terra: I am side-eying him right now)

The interviewer asks him what is his daily life nowadays like.
Adam says that life-beyond-tour is still extremely busy, with all his recording and songwriting sessions. However, beyond that it's been pretty carefree. Right now, the weather in Los Angeles is beautiful, and at the place he's staying he has wonderful backyard, so he's just enjoying the fresh air and sun.

The interviewer asks if he's bought his own house.
Adam says, no the house isn't his own.

The interviewer asks if he's capable of buying his own place though.
Adam says coyly, hopefully in the near future.

The interviewer asks, if it's because of the lack of time to look for a place.
Adam hesitates to answer, says he doesn't know and laughs (Terra: =_=)

The interviewer quits the subject and remarks that after a long tour, it's essential to have some ordinary time that one can enjoy.
Adam agrees, saying that that's the one thing that he's really wished for himself. For two months after the tour, he took some time off for leisure. He met up with friends and family, and took a vacation. It was necessary for him to have that time where he wasn't working. Personally for him, this normalcy was something that was essential to create the right environment for the songwriting process. So that he would be able to write about normal experiences faced by anyone. The life of a popstar who's touring all the time, being photographed around the clock and interviewed isn't something that he thinks normal people can relate to.

The interviewer notes that he has a great relationship with his family. For instance, on Father's Day he visited his dad in San Diego and spent the day drinking Scotch and philosophising with him.
Adam says that was a fantastic day.

The interviewer asks Adam what sort of topics did he philosophise with his dad on.
Adam says that he talked with his dad about his research on the album, about the meaning of various things, and about things that one understands as one gets older.

The interviewer notes that Adam's mom participated in Gay Pride Parade.
Adam says that yes, his mom is part of P-Flag, where they help families who are coming to terms with their children's sexuality.

The interviewer says that's wonderful.
Adam says his mom is the best.

The interviewer notes that Adam's mom understands him and supports him.
Adam says, yes, his family has always been very supportive, and is a great model of what other families should be like.

The interviewer confirms with Adam that this year on May 28, Adam performed in Moscow.
Adam said yes, it was fun.

The interviewer asks him what was the reaction of the people from a communist country, and how different this was from other countries.
Adam says that everyone was fantastic. The people that came to his show throughly enjoyed themselves. They were a great audience.

The interviewer asks if there wasn't any thing that really stood out as different between Japan and America.
Adam says that, no, of course there are differences between Japan and America with respect to the culture. But the beauty about music is that it brings different people together as one. Everyone in different countries knew the lyrics to "Whataya Want From Me" and would sing together and remember the lyrics. Sometimes he thinks he's too idealistic but he thinks that in order for people to get along it's not about the difference, and rather the similarities that people should be seeking. If we were to look for the similarities, people would be able to get along with one another. Music is something that has the power to make that happen no matter the country (Terra: Adam, you hippie)

The interview says she's gonna ask him a political question: On the very same day he went to Moscow, there was a Gay Pride where many people were arrested. She's asks if he's heard of that incident.
Adam says that he had no knowledge of that event while it was happening. It was only the following day after the incident that he found out about it. He says that it looks like people couldn't accept that Gay Pride was happening. People protested against those who couldn't accept and they were arrested. It was a sad thing.

The interviewer moves on to the fan questions portion. (Terra: prepare for a little SHE ;P). The interviewer says that these questions were selected from a pool of questions submitted by fans.
Adam says he's delighted to and he'll happily answer them (Terra: Are you sure, Adam?!)

The first question asks: "I've heard you've been recording your new album in London. What's the feeling like?" The interviewer goes on to ask Adam if he's been living in London.
Adam says, no, he's spent a week in London writing and recording, and it was fun, but he's not living there.

The next question asks: "Next year will you return to Japan for your tour?"
Adam says yes, of course he wants to.

The interviewer says, that's great, it would be awesome if she could meet him again. The next time if he could come for about six days, it would be fantastic as everyone's needing at least that.
Adam says, yes, he agrees that it would be nice to increase the number of dates.

The next question is a private one and the interviewer isn't sure if he will answer that: "How did you meet your current boyfriend?"
Adam says, well that's a private question, so...
His manager says, let's move on to the next question shall we?

The interviewer laughs and says sure. The next question is, on "American Idol": "Whenever you appeared on stage you looked like you were full of confidence. Before you went on stage how did it feel? Weren't you nervous?"
Adam says, thanks for saying that he looked like he was confident. However, even for him, he can't always say that he's confident. He's just like everyone else, somedays he doesn't feel so great, somedays he feels like his vocals are bad. Just like everyone he has similar insecurities. As a recording artist who's supposed to convey an array of emotions, self-confidence in particular is something that he wants to convey, however even for him, there are times where he doesn't have complete confidence.

The next question: "Is there something that you can't go without in fashion or makeup?"
Adam says that there's a pair of boots he's extremely digging. It's by a designer called Rick Owens. He recalls seeing a Rick Owens store in Japan. Rick Owens is a designer of the times and makes extremely cool boots. He loves them and wears them all the time (Terra: YOU DON'T SAY)

The next: "Congrats for breaking through 1 million Twitter followers!"
Adam says, that's extremely cool!

"How does it feel to have your music heard by so many people around the world?"
Adam says, it's a dream come true. However, he's only just started, and that's why for his second album, he's counting so much on it. Whenever he turns on his mobile, every little thing he writes is read by over a million people and that feels somewhat crazy. And dangerous. (He laughs.)

The interviewer laughs, saying, he has that power!
Adam says, yes, that's crazy and scary. However, at the same time, (Twitter is a) fantastic way to communicate with all his fans. It's timely and direct -- simply the best.

The interviewer notes that it's also a great tool for him to use to rally his fans to donate to charitable organisations.
Adam agrees and says it's a precious thing to him. He's been presented with such wonderful opportunities, the very least he could do is to share these opportunities with others. And it's something that should be shared with everyone.

The next question (Terra: Incoming SHE): "I think you're an extremely sophisticated gentlemen, but do you have a side of you that's childlike too?"
Adam says, he's sorry, but he doesn't know...

The interview laughs and says, don't worry about it. The next question (Terra: more SHE!): "Knowing that you have a boyfriend, is is possible at all for one of us to be your girlfriend?" The interviewer notes that there are many such questions like that.
Adam laughs, saying that he appreciates the sentiment and he's happy, but that he's no longer single. (More laughter.)

The final question: "Adam, any final words that you want to tell your fans?"
Adam says: "I'm really nuts about making this new music that I'd love everyone to hear. I really look forward to touring with this new music. I'm sure everyone will enjoy it. In any case, I'm just really excited!"

The interviewer thanks Adam for the interview.
Adam says it's his pleasure.


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