Adam puhuu uudesta albumistaan Hit Fix'ille

On how the new album is coming: I feel really creative right now. I feel good. I feel like everything’s going to come together and it’s going to be a great project.

On the sound: I don’t really know yet and I kind of don’t want to jinx it or give anything away. I think the most important thing for me to keep in mind as a songwriter and as a vocalist now is that my fans want to here my voice, first and foremost. And I think kind of our general rule in songwriting is that it has to come from the heart; it has to be real.

On producers:
I have a bunch of producers lined up. It’s kind of a... we’re doing it that way. I’m working with a handful of different people, creating as much music as possible, and then when it comes to pick tracks for the album, we’ll narrow it down. Unfortunately, we’ll have to narrow it down.

On some of the specific people you’re working with: I’m not going to say. i’m keeping my eggs in my basket. There’s been a couple of producers who may have mentioned it on Twitter here and there, which is great, but I kind of want to keep it a surprise for everybody, it’s going to be really great.

On his favorite “American Idol” this season: Haley [Reinhart] is definitely my favorite Idol right now. I love the sound of her voice. The texture of it, musically her choices are incredible. I don’t even think people are realizing the things that she’s doing vocally and I think it’s because she’s so effortless about it. She isn’t trying too hard. She’s just there. She’s just embodying it. She’s so comfortable and to me that’s what a real star is.

On hitting 1 million Tweeter followers: That’s crazy, that’s so crazy. It’s weird to know that I can just pick up my cell phone and on a whim, write something and a million people are going to read it. It’s kind of dangerous.

On his favorite song right now: That Adele, “Someone like You” song, it cuts me right to the core. It’s so vulnerable and that’s the type of stuff that’s really inspiring right now. You know I love modern, electronic pop rock production, but at the heart of it I think the song needs to hit you in the heart.

On if he’d change anything on his first album: No, no. I think the first album is amazing. I’m really proud of it. That was my first time out. We did it really fast. It had a ton of momentum behind it and I got to explore my glam rock, you know, my glam rock self, my T-Rex/Bowie/Gary Glitter/Boy George self and this album is going to be an evolution.

Interview: Adam Lambert talks new album, 'Idol' and Adele

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