Adam puhuu uudesta albumistaan

Tässä on uusi haastattelu. Tätä en nyt jaksa ruveta kääntämään, mutta jos joku on halukas niin laita sähköpostia

'American Idol' standout Adam Lambert has been lying pretty low recently, but now, he's excited about recording his sophomore release, a follow-up to 2009's 'For Your Entertainment.' As he preps new tracks, the glam pop-rocker is ready to put his original stamp on the new album.

"I can't reveal much, but I'm crossing my fingers for a fall release date," Lambert revealed to PopEater backstage at the Grammy Social Media Rock Stars Summit.

Lambert plans to work with Swedish producer-songwriter Max Martin, who wrote Lambert's hit single 'Whataya Want From Me.' "It's definitely going to happen. He's one of my favorite producers ever," he gushed.

With a focus on the vocals and "honest, genuine and personal" lyrics, Lambert is eager to get back in the studio and evolve beyond his 'Idol' roots. "I want this to be my album, and dive into it with what I've learned this year, and where I'm at personally with love and relationships," he said. "Great music is personal and real. That's what this album will be."

Although making new music is high on his to-do list, he's also ready for his movie close-up. "I want to give acting a shot," he revealed, adding that he'd sign on for a movie "in a heartbeat" if Natalie Portman co-starred. "I love her! She's amazing, and better win that Oscar."

He continued, "There is a lot of territory that has yet to be charted, so I'm taking it one day at a time. Who knows? Maybe you'll be seeing my fashion designs hit the runway soon, too."

At the heart of it all, Lambert credits his success to his devoted following.

"If it weren't for my loyal and dedicated fans, my career wouldn't be what it is," he said. "I have fans all over the world, some who don't even speak English, and they're still singing all my lyrics during my shows. It's surreal, and such a beautiful thing."

Looking back, the former 'Idol' runner-up (season 8) has no regrets about his time on the hit series, adding that he wouldn't want Steven Tyler judging him, even though they share a similar pop-rock edge. "I wouldn't change my experience," he insisted. "I had a good time and loved it....Paula Abdul was a childhood favorite of mine, and yes, Simon is brutal, but it was really good for all of us."

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