Venäläinen Love Radio haastatteli Adamia

Translated (Google): Adam Lambert wants to be Freddie Mercury. Exclusive interview aired 2-7-12.
Adam Lambert (Adam Lambert) denied reports that he will become the new vocalist «Queen» in an exclusive interview with LOVE RADIO.
Lambert has been gaining popularity due to participation in a talent show «American Idol». In 2009 in one of the editions of the show was made ​​by the Executive together with the two parties «Queen» - Brian May and Roger Taylor. In November 2011, there was another joint performance - at the awards ceremony «MTV European Music Awards».
In early February 2012 Lambert allegedly confirmed the information that will continue to cooperate with the «Queen». Now the singer says that journalists are simply pulled out of his remarks out of context. Correspondents LOVE RADIO contacted Adam Lambert to find out the truth first hand.
"Well, yes, but it's not quite true, yet .. We are talking about how to make a few appearances in the future, but nothing else, we are so straight specifically, has not been confirmed. And for me it would be a great honor to speak with them again. We were together at the EMA and it was great. We had a great time and decided that it must be repeated. This year will be for me supermegarabochim! I will promote your latest album «Tresspassing». This will be my priority. But I have great pleasure with them again povystupal. "
"Well, yes, experience with the group for me is, first of all, the ability to speak several times together, but not in the literal sense, to join the team."
"I do not feel like such a big responsibility for the performances in the« Queen ». Freddie Mercury is one of my heroes, I love it. But the meaning is not to be the new Freddie Mercury. The idea is to make the dedication of this group and their music. I'm not going to replace anyone or copy."

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