Twitter Party 20.9.2011 - Kysymykset ja vastaukset

adamlambert: Twitter party!!! Questions?

adamlambert: Taken at Burning Man! Note my glamorous trailer in the background!

Trishnz: @adamlambert Did being on Project Runway fire you up to have your own fashion label - after next album of course
adamlambert: @Trishnz I've always had the notion to design. Before guessing on p.runway. Gonna focus on my music first of course.

mackenzieejo: @adamlambert will you pleeeaaase come to indiana on your next tour? grin.gif
adamlambert: @mackenzieejo I came to indiana the last tour... Of course I'll come back. We filmed the DVD there!

styleandchiche: @adamlambert Any ideas on the album cover yet?
adamlambert: @styleandchiche yeah a few. original.gif

ravengirl57: @adamlambert In making this second album, is it always so unscheduled? In other words, are there no deadlines AT ALL?
adamlambert: @ravengirl57 deadlines and schedule come waaaay second to great music. I'm lucky to be signed to a label that respects and honors that original.gif

lambosessed: @adamlambert What kind of drunk are you usually?
adamlambert: @lambosessed a friendly, talkative one. wink.gif love ur avi. That was a crazy hallowEen

catalm: @adamlambert What was your favorite part about being on Project Runway?
adamlambert: @catalm the judges are reeeeally funny. On and off camera. Micheal had me in stitches w his wit.

LuvThaFunk: @adamlambert so I'm guessing Outlaws Of Love will be the only sweet slow ballad I've been craving? Will there be piano on it?
adamlambert: @LuvThaFunk you'll have to wait and see...

Twitter is actin up

SophieBachmann: @adamlambert Have you still a crush on Bill from Tokio Hotel?
adamlambert: @SophieBachmann nope... I found my love! original.gif

rainierstar: Is there anything else you can tell us about the album? @adamlambert
adamlambert: @rainierstar yeah- I love it! Some of it's really fun and upbeat yet honest and real. Other tracks are moody, dark. Both sides of me...

@adamlambert What about your Illuminati status?
adamlambert: @Hungarevival haha they rejected my application. Not enough bullshit and mystery. Im too much an open book

jam2885: @adamlambert who was your favorite writer/producer to work with for the album?
adamlambert: @jam2885 One of the producers I was extremely honored to write with was @Pharrell Williams! Whew. I don't think y'all are ready for that!

TiiaTortilla: @adamlambert Anything you wanna say to the Sauli haters? The Adommy crays?
adamlambert: @TiiaTortilla nothing to say... All that chat is a waste of energy. Some Folks think they know my private life... Well they don't.

HannaBec: @AdamLambert Would u perform on X-Factor if asked?
adamlambert: @HannaBec of course! U think I'd say no? Haha

HousesOfCandy: @AdamLambert:What one element is making this your 'dream' album? BTW, can't wait!! XOX
adamlambert: @HousesOfCandy I think the production style is more progressive and forward thinking then in the past... I love electronic music!
adamlambert: I feel like I've evolved as a singer and as a writer in the past few years. Learned so much on tour etc... The shift shows

GlitterSkies: @adamlambert I think you should cover a Backstreet Boys song...
adamlambert: @ @GlitterSkies haha I sang enough covers on idol. All about new, original material now.

anthrogeekPF: @adamlambert Wanna get FUNKed up!! Are you exploring urban sounds with these new collabs?? wink.gif))
adamlambert: @anthrogeekPF sorta... yeah

meandmypixie: @adamlambert No pressure or anything, but if the album is gonna be released in early 2012, when can we expect a GNT2??? original.gif
adamlambert: @meandmypixie the Glam Nation tour already happened! The next tour ( prob next year) will have a whole new concept and name.

@adamlambert I hope the CD's not too Poppy. I dont like dance music
adamlambert: @GlamourStar730 i do

Sandishader: @adamlambert have you already started working on the concept for the next tour?
adamlambert: @Sandishader nope. lol im figuring all this out as i go. while its flattering you think i have it all mapped out in advance- i def dont!

2cntswrth: @adamlambert Do you still party as much as you used to or do you hang out more at home now?
adamlambert: @2cntswrth def been more of a homebody of late-- and spending lots of time in the studio too

adamlambert: POST GAY. look it up. sums up my views

rach_eva: @adamlambert it sucks to be told by OTHER PPL what should define YOU
adamlambert: @rach_eva yeah... but that is what the "Cult of Celebrity" is. its one of the downsides.

mogulmama: @adamlambert Was it cold at night in the desert- you guys were all bundled up
adamlambert: @mogulmama sooo cold. and the days were so hot. its like a survival rave

WildflowerGlam: @adamlambert Do you know why some people think gays are all the same? I mean straight people aren't all the same either, so why gays?
adamlambert: @WildflowerGlam why? ignorance.

Misty_Glambert: @adamlambert Summer or winter fashions?
adamlambert: @Misty_Glambert im a fall/winter fan. love jackets!

Kimkris: @adamlambert how often do you have to cut/color your hair?
adamlambert: @Kimkris too often- it grows SO fast.

TrueGlambert3: @adamlambert What's some advice to help get over my ex????? Please, I seriously wanna get over him because he's mean to me but I can't :\
adamlambert: @TrueGlambert3 distract yourself w a project. something positive and nothing to do w relationships. be productive and get your heart off it

yuki3sl: @adamlambert Do you believe in fate ??
adamlambert: @yuki3sl YES! Fate and Destiny are real! but you have to follow your instincts to allow it to unfold. we sometimes stand in our our own way.

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